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The Lawless podcast is my answer to unravelling drive, motivation and the forces that have brought about exceptional lives.

They are my curated conversations with people of interest who have pushed back from conventional business and are sharing stories and legacies in the making.


People who value innovation, sustainability, art and expression over a predetermined level of success.

Join me every week where I introduce people from start-ups, to artists, athletes, bureacrats, philanthropists to thriving business owners who have done it on their own terms.


The struggle is real and so are their stories.



Tobin Seagel

Tobin Sea Gull is a gem. He’s smart, strategic and might appear to be the complete package. As he balances work, the environment, sport, giving back and agreeing to do my podcast.
WE really chat it up here as we go into the young Tobin days right up until present day, I now, know his routine before he goes to bed and what he and his girlfriend are doing fo their summer vacay.
He is a sponsored skier and a biologist that began his professional life as an athlete via Sport Climbing in his teens.
Being both an athlete and holding a masters in environmental studies it makes sense that his passions met with POW, protect our winners and he was an integral part in realizing the Canadian contingent.
We recorded this on May 26th. So literally days before George Floyd was killed and all the protests but just at the beginning of phase two of Covid here in British Columbia.
And I think tobin inspired me to pick a few objectives and get back on google earth for next winter.


Mike Douglas

After a month of a pause. I want to wish everyone a very happy summer solstice and Father’s Day.

To commemorate Father’s Day I did an interview with the Godfather of Freeskiing.

We recorded this podcast on May 18th —- which feels like forever and eternity ago.

But I enjoyed our chat as always @mikedski .

What to say about Mike Douglas he has dedicated himself to doing more for skiing than anybody, literally shaping the sport of freeskiing. He produces a lot of film and short pieces that push the narrative of action sports and blend it with meaning and purpuse. He continually pushes forward in all areas of his life. Notably, his work with Protect our Winters Canada is what has captured my heart as of late. Enjoy one of Whistler's favourite people.


Jessa Gilbert

If I could chat with her for a few days I would. Jessa Gilbert is a very accomplished artist, snowboarder, adventurer and human. She lives in Nelson, BC where we chatted remotely from. She’s got a lot to say about life and I think it comes down to her passionate pursuit of living a good life.

I love how she seamlessly moves through life in pencil, pen or paintbrush in hand… she synthesizes so many aspects of life that wouldn’t normally go together and I think that is felt in all of her pieces.

This chat is full of life, Covid times, Architecture, life of an artist, pursuing guiding, process, getting amongst in the mountains and marrying your greatest passions together to live a real rich and full life. Plus she really does make the most of everyday…

Enjoy friends, I sure did.

And Jessa thank-you for the chat, I look forward to our next one.


Grete Eliassen // Skier + Super Human

At 33 years of age, Grete Eliassen seems to have lived a million lives. Having grown up in both the United States of America and Norway, was a Red Bull athlete, competed at a world stage (and podiumed in all of these disciplines of skiing) in Slalom, Super G, Halfpipe, Hip Jump (which I’ve never even heard of), Slopestyle, Freeskiing Comps. She is a Mother of two boys (two and three years old), a wife, was the president of the Women’s Sport Foundation, a University Graduate and was a pseudo little sister to our mutual friend, the late Sarah Burke. I love her. She’s inspiring and I didn’t even look at her accolades before this interview… And now I’m floored. What a force in the brightest packaging.


Chris Rubens

This is the first (of many – I am sure) of a new series I am calling THE QUARANTINE SESSIONS – tales from our cribs. And I’m delighted that my first guest in the series is Chris Rubens / @chrisrubens of Revelstoke, British Columbia (where we are chatting from remotely). Chris is a very solid, woke individual that gives a lot to his sport, the community and the world. He grew up in Canmore, BC with another favourite Eric Hjorleifson (#ep23). If there was one thing I took away from this podcast is that what we do as an individual has an impact on the world (timely as well). He’s a POW (protect our winters) ambassador and we touch on a lot of these things blended throughout a few ski chats and our little dip into the old days. Before you listen maybe you should watch ‘Guilt Trip’ by Salomon TV – I’m going to watch it now. I wish I had of watched it prior to the interview… but the interview got me fired up to watch it. #EP41 #chrisrubens #agem Premise to ‘GUILT TRIP’: The only thing greater than this group of skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second highest peak is the size of their carbon footprint to get there. Loaded with guilt, they decide to bring along renowned glaciologist, Alun Hubbard, who’s scientific hypothesis, if proven, could rewrite popular projections of global sea-level rise. However, the entire expedition is put in question when they arrive in Greenland and discover their objective is beyond the range of all available aircraft. Shot on location in Greenland.


Joel Loverin

Joel Loverin is my absolute Favourite. Pretty much since the first time I met him. And then I went out in the mountains with him and realized he’s an absolute boss on his board, on his sled, on a rope swing, in a fishing boat and now on a Mountain Bike. He’s got an unparalleled passion and love for life. He tells great tales, a lot of them from the mountains around us and in Alaska. I hope you enjoy this podcast and get inspired to learn more about ropes and pursuing your passions or just generally getting after it. @joel_loverin — thanks for all the stories.


Martin Gallant

Martin Gallant has earned the name the Godfather. My favourite part about interviewing him (well maybe my second favourite part) was when he told me he tries to pass on all of his knowledge like people did for him, he rides from the heart and he tries to live a generous life because BC taught him that. My favourite part of this interview was that we recorded it in a hot sauna and then did three cold plunges over the course of an hour. He’s been shaping snowboarding since the 90’s and his life is led in pursuit of DA LAUNCH and DA SLASH and luckily DA SAUNA. He’s resourceful, wants people to be real… and I’m proud to count him amongst my friends.


Anna Segal

Anna is an Olympian, X-Games Gold Medalist, She’s my first Australian Guest, she lives in Pemberton British Columbia, she was on track to be an lawyer… but I’m glad her love and motivation for the pow has kept her in British Columbia. We talk about fear, mind sets, Grizzly Bears, Sleds, my sister, her sister and a lot of other interesting things. After you listen to this podcast you’ll probably start visualizing (i have). @anna_segal 🖤❤️ And if you have a chance you should watch the film FINDING THE LINE that she produced with her sister @nat_segal and it’s available on REDBULL TV // 52 minutes well spent.


Chris Winter

Chris Winter is a real delight. When I first moved to Whistler in the early 2000’s All I knew about Chris Winter is that he was a pro skier and he started a charity… zero ceiling and at that point in my life… it blew my mind. So I would think this interview/chat is long overdue … for he is someone that I have always had a certain amount of awe mixing with respect with and now I can add gracious and humble to his list of attributes. I won’t go into too much more. But rest assured that Chris Winter is the real deal. And we recorded this podcast in Whistler, BC where he lives with his wife and two children and is always getting after it.


Micayla Gatto

Micayla Gatto is a free ride Mountain Biking champ. And by champion I mean she champions life, and she did podium on the world Downhill tour before her career shapeshifted. She’s quite a force and is in constant pursuit of her personal best. She’s all that you would expect from a lady of British Columbia -- an artist, a musician, a mountain biker, funny as … but the real reason I wanted to interview her was because of the way I felt when I watched her Ferda Girls Parody of Kendrick Lamar’s Be Humble with her all female cast that really pumps you up through her spin on her own narrative. If you haven’t watched it … do it before you listen. Go to youtube and typer in Ferda girls that f-e-r-d-a girls.. It’ll get you in the exact frame of mind to listen to this podcast that took place at her home in Squamish, BC on a Fall day in 2019.


Chad Chomlack

Chad Chomlack is an award winning snowboard photographer


Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Jamie Crane-Mauzy // Jamie Mo Crazy @jamiemocrazy who hails from Utah, USA. She was a freestyle skier who landed the first double back flip in competition at the X-games in 2013.
She rolls under the guise of Jamie Mo Crazy – but I think she’s more of a determined force. In fact, for a lady that has soared so high in life I think she is firmly rooted in dedication, drive and persevering no matter what life stacks against her.

In 2015 she was ranked second in the world and was competing in the world invitational in Whistler and was sitting in fourth place and then gave it her all to hit that podium… and She literally is the girl who lived after she crashed on that slope style course and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury… … she was bleeding from 8 different parts of her brain and I saw an interview with her Mom … and her Mom said when she talked to the doctors on the phone and asked if her daughter was alive they said, she is right now. WE get into the accident and what they had predicted her life would look like but… Fast forward she is now five years out … this past April and continues to soar in new avenues of life.

Which we chat about and it’s all centered around inspiring people to be there for themselves + that they can overcome challenges.

The world is crazy right now… we can all agree with that. But I definitely believe that right now we are privileged to be alive and Jamie’s story is testament to that.


Zoya Lynch // Photographer, Skier + Inspiring Soul

My next guest is SUCH a talent. She's not scared of getting deep in our talks and we chat about everything. She's a skier, a photographer, a filmmaker, a story-teller, a dreamer, a doer and my new favourite. I love her approach to life and how she says 'yes' to what comes her way and then makes it happen.
Her body of work is prolific, award-winning and captures life in these perfect light-filled moments. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We chat about the pandemic and her porchraits series she did in Revelstoke to raise money for the food bank and document this moment of Covid-19 Coronavirus time.
And then we chat about family, early life, how photography saved her from summer school, mind set things and her latest FILM PROJECT ' THE MOTHER LOAD ' with her sister @izzy__lynch and another fave of my mine
And she inspired me to switch to mirrorless so that I have no excuses for leaving my camera behind.


Robin Van Gyn

They say Robin is an influential snowboarder — And after chatting with her she influences you to get after life. Her video parts are award winning and her drive seems to be what keeps her there. I think her true talent lies in her incessant positivity. We chat with her while she’s in her apocalyptic property on Vancouver Island. And now I want to live off grid and go boarding.


Murray Siple

Murray Siple – Is an artist, filmmaker and incredible human. We talk about him, his art, his wheel chair, his pursuits and a lot about his documentary CARTS OF DARKNESS which is a much-watch for all of us. It’s so freaking good. This man cannot stop creating. And I think we are lucky for it. Checking out his house (which was featured in dwell) and all of his artwork inspired me so much that I’m going to go back and film it.


Delaney Zayac

Delaney Zayak // is a man of the seasons. He’s an organic farmer who likes to get gnarly. He lives on a 5 acre farm in Pemberton with his wife, two kids and his dog Coco(a). He rolls with a crew of Adventure Dads that get after it, like none I’ve seen before. He’s smart, he’s scientific and he’s reflective. I learnt a lot during the course of this podcast and got fired up to commit more to growing my own veggies, sourcing good veggies and generally being a better human.


Melissa Schneiderova

Melissa Schneiderova is an incredible human and she has one of the craziest stories. And the thing that is most inspiring is that for all that she has gone through she has maintained a very positive outlook on life. She’s fierce and feminine which is one of my favourite combos… after recording this podcast I realized that she could probably take me down in one punch…. Because she owns a title in boxing, she’s an ironman and she has experienced more loss than almost anyone I know and yet she still burns very brightly and has the most generous heart. Such an inspiring way to start Season 2!


Taylor Godber

My fave. And probably yours. @taylorgodber — she’s an infinite supply of positivity, perspective, strength, wisdom, inspiration and kindness all rolled up in an athlete, artist, chef, scholar, teacher and writer / editor. And she’s just as talented on a snowboard as she is with a paint brush in her hand or clicking keys on her computer’s keyboard. Take your time digesting this podcast. It’s a two hour journey — dense with story, rants and a million other things. My friend Taylor ! I love her #ep34


Ian Millar

Ian Millar is a lifelong explorer, snowboarder, product designer, father, photographer and one of the deepest thinkers I know. He founded the adventure camera bag company Shimoda Designs that I fan out on. He’s always thinking progression. He lives in Hakuba, Japan and this is my first remote podcast. A true visionary.And whether he’s telling me to stop turning my snowboard and point it or that I should start taking more photos when I’m out amongst… I appreciate his unsolicited advice because it pushes me to be a better version of myself… and maybe gives me a little boost or confidence to drop into unfamiliar territory.. And there is one day left of Ian’s Kickstarter to get a Shimoda Bag of your own and start getting after it and capturing it with your camera lens.


Scott Serfas

Scott Serfas is a very well respected man in his field of action photography. He’s award winning and has travelled the world with the best snowboarders out there. He lives in Whistler, BC with his wife and two kids. And he’s been in the action sports game since film and has influenced snowboarding in his portrayal of the sport through his lens. // @scottserfas from team @shimodadesign

Basically I created this podcast to save my friends from having to listen to me try to recreate the stories and exchanges that leave me pumped up full of inspiration. A place that only gets accessed when you go deep, get uncomfortable and intimate. And by sharing our stories we make our world a little bigger.

The people are Lawless in their approach to life and you never know who inspires me on the daily; like the man that drives his truck on veggie oil or the girl who decided she could raise twenty-two million dollars to start a university.


I picture you listening to these conversations when you are making dinner, driving long distances without cell reception or cleaning out the gutters of your home.

- Enjoy

Andrea Helleman

Lawless (Since about the age of two)



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