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Katrina Strand

Episode No:



At her home in Whistler, BC

Katrina Strand

Well today is Mother’s day and I wanted to celebrate with an episode with one of Whistler’s Moms. Katrina Strand Mother to Anna and a fierce competitor both on and off the bike. I have always adored Katrina as we always have pretty real conversations and this one time she told me that she was my biggest fan.  Which is funny because I have always been a fan of her.


The best part of interviewing Katrina is that I got to see inside her world and actually figure out what a dedicated woman she is to personal growth, motherhood and education.


And I dare say that Katrina Strand is softening into Motherhood and has become quite an advocate for Women’s health.


Dubbed one of the most "Influential People in Mountain Biking" by Decline Magazine, Katrina Strand is just that. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., Katrina has established herself as a global icon in the sport. Not only has she represented Canada at the Downhill World Championships, but she is also a first class mountain bike coach. 

Strand has a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia and is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist training the brilliant minds of elite athletes such as Claire Buchar. Her exceptional work ethic has kept her on the top of the mountain bike world for over 12 years. Being that she is such a competitive athlete and mentor to all, Katrina Strand is a name that will live in the mountain bike world forever.


So here we go Episode 12 with our lady Katrina Strand.

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