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Nate Nash

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At his house in Pemberton, BC.

Nate Nash

Nate Nash is a man of adventure. He is an American man living in Pemberton British Columbia. He has spent his entire life inspiring others by his work behind cameras showcasing sports in some of the most captivating parts of the world. But most of all he is a great human being who looks at the world with a lot of compassion.  I quite love this conversation because he is a storyteller and we touch on adventure, loss, injury and resilience. We recorded it in the early Summer.. but I waited until now to release it because on October 29th.. HBO SPORTS is premiering a film he produced for Red Bull Media House.. the film ‘ANY ONE OF US’ which follows Paul Basagoitia’s journey of recovery from a devastating spinal cord injury at Red Bull Rampage (which is happening right now in Utah). Enjoy. 

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