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Tobin Seagel

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Remotely in Whistler BC

Tobin Seagel

Tobin Sea Gull is a gem. He’s smart, strategic and might appear to be the complete package. As he balances work, the environment, sport, giving back and agreeing to do my podcast.

WE really chat it up here as we go into the young Tobin days right up until present day, I now, know his routine before he goes to bed and what he and his girlfriend are doing fo their summer vacay.

He is a sponsored skier and a biologist that began his professional life as an athlete via Sport Climbing in his teens.

Being both an athlete and holding a masters in environmental studies it makes sense that his passions met with POW, protect our winners and he was an integral part in realizing the Canadian contingent.

We recorded this on May 26th. So literally days before George Floyd was killed and all the protests but just at the beginning of phase two of Covid here in British Columbia.

And I think Tobin inspired me to pick a few objectives and get back on google earth for next winter.

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