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Julia McCabe

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At my home in Squamish

Julia McCabe

Ok well this is an exciting episode we are talking with Miss Julia McCabe.


She is internationally recognized and known for her life as a yoga teacher and a teacher to teachers of yoga. Luckily for me she is based out of my area of the planet and when she isn’t out trotting around the world and making it a better place with her passion projects. I get to attend live classes with her and spend time with her immersed in the deepest of talks.


But our story together began when Julia picked me to be a passion recipient at one of her 21 – day yoga teacher trainings in Nicaragua in 2012. A pay it forward scholarship she started where people have to do good deeds for others to receive a free life changing… teacher training with Julia. I think she has sponsored twelve people today and I don’t know what the math is on that… But I believe it to be a shit ton of good for the world.


When I was a recipient it was at a time of my life I had just watch my Mom take her last breaths of life, closing out an intense battle with brain cancer. And in the wake of this family crisis, I found myself without a home, on the other side of the country my marriage and professional life freshly exploded and even though I was sitting in the dust I was still searching for the ground. And in that Julia energetically picked me up and dusted me off and filled me with the good stuff. I guess she believed in me in a time I was fresh out of believing.


Julia is unpredicatable and provocative.. She leads with passion and has an ever flowing gift of the words…


And here we go Julia. Diving deep into failure, dharma, life’s work, social media, staying true to yourself, darkness, friendships and a whole bunch of other things I cannot remember at the top of my head.


So, I hope you fall in love with the Julia… like all of us. and if you are hungry for more Julia well we will have to wait for her next summit.

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