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Chad Chomlack

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Remotely, in Whistler + Pemberton, BC.

Chad Chomlack

Chad Chomlack is an award winning snowboard photographer and has lived many lives moving through the world… but all with the common thread of seeing, being there and documenting people in a way that few of us can achieve. 

In this podcast he was incredibly open and shares a lot of his story in a way that punctuates my own heart. I want to say it’s his whole story, but I think there is a lot of depth and much more to learn from Chad.

He’s a family man and lives in Pemberton, BC with his lovely wife and two sons who are bordering on adulthood.

This podcast has me thinking a little deeper on how I can contribute more or do things that really matter. And create deeper meaning even within this podcast - more to come on that. 

We recorded this podcast on May 12th, 2020 and if you recall at that time we were in Covid times but not yet experiencing all of the demonstrations for Black Lives Matter.

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