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Jon Roth

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Recorded through our computers

Jon Roth

And here we are // @jon_roth_ and his son Kai Ocean. The next guest on the podcast as I kick off the second season.

I think I first heard of Jon Roth as he was a professional snowboarder and graced the walls of my friend’s bedrooms… but then he became the man who went out from our bubble and cultivated a new way of life through his chain of barber shops.. @crowsnestbarber // Crows Nest Barber.

And the way Jon and I came together to have this interview is because shortly after his wife Tasha gave birth to their little son Kai.. I fell in love with this little being. Kai has an extra twenty-first chromosome and shares the title of Down Syndrome / or Trisonomy 21 with my sister.

And through the magic of social media I’ve watched the story of Kai, Tasha and Jon.

This interview is heart expanding because Jon speaks very openly about being a young punk and how he shifted his life and perspective and found his way to a life grounded in humility.

He’s super generous and we did a collaboration for Down Syndrome Awareness Month. All proceeds going to our documentary all about life with Down Syndrome.

Also he has a kickstarter for some technical clothes for people like us (people with varied interests that like to do a lot of things). @sidechannel_brand

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