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Mark Abma

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At my home in Squamish, BC

Mark Abma

Mark Abma.


He is a man of much integrity and a lot of energy and passion and drive… probably evenly distributed across all of these areas.


Most people know him because he’s been a professional skier for over a decade and a half. I read somewhere that he has a smooth and aggressive style and he grew up as a competitive mogul skier and transitioned to park. Since 2003 when he first appeared in a Matchstick Movie he’s been dominating the BIG MOUNTAIN scene and been a permanent fixture in their films.


Off his skis I would describe him as a visionary or an innovator hand is committed to both personal growth and performance and sustainablity. I am both inspired, proud and impressed by his forward thinking and commitment to sustainability. I think he’s pretty close to finishing a multi-use building in downtown Squamish that is built with the intention of reducing our carbon footprint.


Anyways we talk about a lot of things… but we kind of dive right into our conversation because I have a photo of a rooster I took at a gas station in Hawaii… and I have the words ROAM FREELY printed on them and that prompted our conversation to start there.

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