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My name is Andrea Helleman and I was born to be an entrepreneur with a lawless spirit that cannot be employed.

I'm a dreamer and a woman of action.

I don't light fires - I fan sparks until they blaze.

If I had one gift I would say that I see people in a way that allows me to see the good, the potential and that is how I go about seeking out and highlighting in my work.

I encourage you to be lawless, essentially limitless in your creativity and direction.  


In 2004 I became a graphic designer out of necessity when my business and web development education needed polishing. I had so many ideas for businesses and wanted to be in the drivers seat for that. I picked up a camera to create content and starting making films because it's fun. 

Because I am self taught in all things visual I started teaching entrepreneurs like you my fundamental design skills because I know how empowering it was to have a vision or idea and then be able to create it. I discovered my art within my business and I want the same for you. 

It changed my life and business's trajectory and put me in the drivers seat of professional independence (and I want everybody to have that opportunity and feeling). 

And that is my goal.  Helping you find your art, your voice and create your messaging in a way that helps you make your biggest dreams come true. 


But, who am I ?

I am a girl that lives in the mountains with her dog, Bella. I have always sought out lifestyle and I get equal satisfaction from summiting a mountain as I do from expressing myself artistically. I love getting sweaty, dirty and immersed.

I am slightly obsessive and look at the world as a beautiful puzzle that I try to understand (daily).

When I turned twenty-five I was on a month-long surf vacation in Brazil. I shouldn’t have had a care in the world and yet I sat on that beach and I felt depressed. I lacked direction in life. I was living a lifestyle in the mountains, most would envy and yet I felt completely empty.


I let myself wallow in my pity for about three days and then I pulled myself up and I started doing.


When I got back home I started saying ‘yes’ to everything, I went back to school for Web Development, I started a company, I started making films, I bought a DSLR camera, I had side hustles and I founded an event company.


I was striving and thriving and yet as each ‘success’ mounted, I still felt empty. Almost exponentially emptier each time something good happened. I felt scattered and scared. Scared to say no to things and scared to keep saying yes. I was losing connection to myself and the people I cared the most about.


And then something stopped me in my tracks. The kind of phone call nobody ever wants to get. The kind that changes your whole world forever. And this phone call set off a chain reaction that ripped apart my entire life and everything started collapsing around me from the inside out.


Today I can look at that time and I can see how it all propelled me to where I am today.


And had I not strived, I would have never found my calling in creating. And my love for photography, videography and business would have never sparked inside of me to the blazing fire it is today..

But now I sit in a place where I can find meaning. And that meaning has created purpose, direction and a fullness to life that I wish my twenty-year old self could have had. But she wouldn't have appreciated it, and without the struggle I would probably still feel empty.

So, maybe I went too deep, but that's kind of my approach to life. 


I cannot stop seeing the potent potential of all of the people around me that inspire me and I force them to let me put my lens on them.

And when I think it appropriate I share unsolicited advice. But only when I think it's appropriate.

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