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Rory Bushfield

Episode No:



At my home in Squamish.

Rory Bushfield

Welcome to the Lawless Podcast.  


This is Episode II.


Today we are talking to Rory Bushfield.


I don't even really know how to preface this man except to say check Wikipedia.  Anybody who spends time with Bushy knows that he's oddly one of the highest flying yet most grounded people out there.


I am very lucky to know Rory through my friend, Sarah Burke, Rory’s wife that tragically passed away seven years ago.


I'm just so thankful for how Rory keeps her alive and keeps the inspiration of Sarah going. I always think of that quote that he repurpose for her celebration, “One light does not go out if it lights up thousand more”.


Hopefully this entertains you and maybe fill you up with a little bit more inspiration. Here we go!


Live from my house in Squamish British Columbia.


(You are listening to the Lawless Podcast)


Andrea: I think we're pretty good to go. I kind of don't really have like a plan.


Rory: That's good.


Andrea: You could introduce yourself or something.


Rory: Are we on?


Andrea: Yeah we're recording.


Rory: Well, here in Squamish, I went to doors down to a duplex, thought the car was yours, I knocked on the door, Dexter broke in.  Tracks, wet tracks all around the house. The guy wasn't that stoked and then I got back to my truck, drove away all the way down to what I thought was Judd Road only to put it into my maps because I wasn't driving when I got there to find out I was just two doors down from you when I called you. I was here, I wasn't on Hood Road, I was on Judd Road, where is even Hood Road?


Andrea:  I don't know. I think that it’s over there. Don’t you have a buddy?


Rory: I swear I have a buddy in Hood Road.


Andrea: Yeah, okay because I’ve seen you drove by and I’m like what are you doing?


Rory: Yeah, Hood Road.


Andrea: Yeah. Makes Sense. That’s awesome. So, the podcast is called the Lawless Podcast. And so I thought who's the most lawless person I know? Rory Bushfield.


Rory: Oh I try to follow most laws.


Andrea: For sure, but Lawless in the sense of like free-thinking. Doing your own thing.


Rory: Fair enough. Yeah.


Andrea: What laws are you following?


Rory: Lawless.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: That laws are harder than I thought.


Andrea: Well, I just think the way you've designed your life, you kind of just rolling like how would you say you're doing it? Are you just following your heart? Like how do you decide what to do in the morning when you wake up?


Rory: I guess I just decide biking and I'm pretty lucky that I can go by the weather.


Andrea: Okay.


Rory: The weather plays a big play in the day obviously if it's raining you can go riding puddles. If it's sunny then you have a lot of opportunities while were living. It’s almost overwhelming sometimes in the morning of a sunny day just to put it all together. I do have a quite a lot of options of things to do during the day when it's sunny. All years, all times of the year.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Sometimes this resort to a list on my phone because I forget, like, oh yeah, there was a perfect Lake that at this temperature on this day last year was perfect when I probably wish I should go there. It’s nice if sometimes put it together, the longer you're in an area the better. The better you nail it.


Andrea: How long have you been in Squamish for?


Rory: I’ve been in Squamish for almost, I've been coming here for 20 years. I moved here for up up in here, living here for at least 16.


Andrea: Yeah, that’s kind of my math for you too. I remember you telling me I don't know where I would go? Like I have everything here.


Rory: I know. I've looked at moving away but it's pretty tough. A lot in Squamish Lots pretty incredible place.


Andrea: Yeah. And it has an airport.


Rory: And that’s pretty big.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Right at the end of the valley. It’s a perfect place.


Andrea:  Yeah. You can’t land your airplane at your house though.


Rory: No.


Andrea: No.


Rory: Well, I’m sure I could but I’d never take off.


Andrea: Yeah. What can your airplane do though because you can land in water now?


Rory: No, I have floats for it but no, I haven't put them on. That’s a new adventure here in Squamish that's the one thing that, where do you keep your float plane? In Squamish? In the harbor? No, I saw float planes here but they are amphibious and amphibious planes are super expensive when it comes to insurance because everybody lands all OG violets. Like so many accidents. Kaiser have thousands and thousands of hours they land in the water with their wheels down. It can be super fatal if you're like packed plane full of stuff. Because it will flip over and it's like the insurance companies like that’s their worst nightmare because usually the planes totaled everything's completely destroyed and just like one little mistakes and it was like, instead of $3,000 a year for insurance it will be like 10, 12..


Andrea:  Oh crazy and then how much it cost?


Rory: And amphibious floats, what’s in the amphibious floats costs you twice as much or more than regular ones and it's just more stuff going on,. Do you really want wheels underneath the bottom of your floats? It’s like you got a wheel malfunction or like vice versa the wheels doesn't come out now you're landing one wheel at one nut out.


It’s nice if you keep it simple, wheels and gravel bars and beaches and snow is what I've been getting pretty used to.


Andrea: Yeah. Do you have to do anything special to your plane to be able to land on snow?


Rory: Yeah. I got to put skis on it.


Andrea: Okay. Yeah, that makes sense.


Rory: Hydraulics skis.


Andrea: That's why I thought you had floats because you have skis.


Rory: I haven’t drag them down in the water yet. I’m sure they’ll work just like the bush dash but I don’t, a little there’s like, they’re old.


Andrea: The skis?


Rory: Yeah, they’re from the 50’s and we revamped them up.


Andrea: Who did it?


Rory: My mechanic down there. I didn't even know it was legal like double the width of each of them though I think big power skis. They do drag a lot, like they’re way worst to fly with because they catch so much air, like you're flying the skis and as you move them up and down they’re like do different things also in the planes like a crazy climber that goes into, like once it go down so bad changing all your settings as long as you're pumping your skis. The first couple of times I did that was like, what the heck and it does one ski first and then the other. It was like man, it was twisted and shifted.

This year, I blew a bungee cord on one which is fine but it made the nose of the ski like when I was flying in a certain formation the ski, the nose like the nose, it was in video it was like diving was fine to land on was like actually straight but compared to the other ski was like look like it’s diving.


Andrea:  You just have a bungee cord that kind of keeps it in place?


Rory: Yeah. When the wheels are, they're down, the bungee cords are super tight. It was like, when they ‘re down, when the skis are down but then as they come up, the bunch of cords get loose and then like flop around of it like a broken one and it’s like the nose is down.


Andrea: Yeah, yeah. Crazy.


Rory: The nose is scratched.


Andrea:  I know. The only time that I puked in the air was in your plane. I haven't been back since.


Rory: There’s a lot though, you are not the only one.


Andrea: I was doing too much though. I was like in the back taking photos.


Rory: The back for one is hard. Anytime that I've ever in the back I usually getting out halfway and I'm thankful for it. Like, man I don’t like it back there.


Andrea: Who is mostly your pilot when you are exiting?


Rory: I’ve had quite a few. Best one I've ever had was an ex-military guy that didn't speak any English and we did our briefing with a translator.


Andrea:  Was he Russian or his feature Russian?


Rory: No, he is French. But he was so badass, like flown hundreds of 180’s was like he floated like he must have been in the 70’s, 60’s or 70’s, maybe not but he is just looked so wise and experienced, you know with a killer blue eyes, like he looked Russian but he couldn’t speak any English. All he did was just nod and yup, yup. Before we went I was going out on the wing and I was a little bit worried and I was like bratty just get off if anything but you know, this guy just killed, he was like one of the best pilots I've ever flown with. Then I watch him land my plane at the end, it was his first time he's ever landed my plane and he did it my shorter than I do. It was pretty and smooth. I was like, wowwww! This guy is good.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: I only had that opportunity flying with him once. But He’s been in Squamish a few times.

I mean we need somebody that speaks French and English fluently just to be able to communicate because he doesn’t speak any English.


Andrea:  Who is your translator?


Rory: And I don’t speak any French. Oh we had this guy. My photographer. He translated the whole thing, and it was a like, did he get that? Did he really catch everything that we were saying?


Andrea:  And how did you even pre-positioned him?


Rory: They just saw a video where, we were on a film shoot together and do some other stuff.


Andrea:  Oh. Yeah.


Rory: And we were looking at a video one time and we’re like, we should do this tomorrow. Hmmmm, okay.


Andrea: Sweet.


Rory: Who’s going to fly? And they said, Allan will fly, and I was like, what? This guy? I was like we haven’t spoken it was so ridiculous and I was like, okay, that sounds pretty good. He was like okay, I’ll fly, and he seems like he knows what he’s doing. He was just there running cables, looking after the helicopters there, and he’s like the most helpful guy ever. He is like there at 5 in the morning until like the end of the night always smiling, sitting there. He was super nice guy and then he turns out to be an incredible pilot.


Andrea: That’s sick.


Rory: Trans-flown with me a few times but that's, he’s just really, really good to runs good at everything.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: It’s hard to find a good guys.


Andrea:  Yeah, for sure. And that are like kind of get what you're doing.


Rory: Oh yeah. Exactly. Willing to do like, I had lots of guys but they are all like after a few, they’re like, buddy put that on the internet and I was like, I did not put your face.  And they’re like, yeah, but these guys know when they went flying with you last week and you’ll add it alone. Those videos are out, they put it together man and that’s my job and I was like, shit dude, that sort of what we were out doing wasn’t it? I was like, I told you man, you help me, you gave me the mount for the camera. I was like, well, what do you think is going to happen here? Anyway.


Andrea:  I think that is the lawless part to me because you were just doing it.


Rory: Yeah, sort of I guess it's not, that there’s permits in there. We get permits for shoots we do like it’s legal. It is legal as possible in the beginning it’s a lot, it’s like you know. It's a gray area you know what I mean.


Andrea:  Well I think anytime that you're a pioneer you're in the gray area and it's like kind of up to you to kind of create the, I don't know. The check list or whatever it is like you know.


Rory:  Are you allowed or I don’t know. But it’s pretty sweet to track your skis out of a plane and skydive down and ski down for like 80 bucks gas instead of like take a helicopter up there and have a guide to do the whole stuff like that. It’s pure freedom but it’s scary doing it alone. It’s like gives you a whole another of like, I’m not standing in this 60 footer when I am out there by myself. I was like, no way I’m gonna snow plowing down the easiest so far. I was like, I cannot f*** this up to I'm done.


Andrea: Yeah. That’s good. That's good for like your mom to hear.


Rory: Yeah, for sure. Soon enough I’d like to get a couple of people to come with me. I would do a three pack.


Andrea:  Who would be in that?


Rory: I love to get Macintosh but for some reason we just never lined up the right time.


Andrea:  That’s what I instantantly was thinking.


Rory: It’s really not that hard. Skydiving into the Alpine is something to think about though for sure. The last one I did I landed at 7500 feet and was like I came into flare, my parachute and my Sarachute was like I landed, it comes down like a leaf at sea level. I can land on one tippy toes so easily but I come, and coming down there, I'm like a swoop right by my plane as I can, I’m like, oh I’m really going fast compared to usual.  7200 feet or two and a half or a mile and a half above the usual landing place. Yeah, anyway, come in scored of flare as hard as I can like, post hole into my locket. Perfect leg-breaking scenario. It’s like soft, not soft like hard enough like your post hole in. That was that was fine but it could have been like it made me really think about that was the first time I jumped into the Alpine when I wasn’t pouched.


Andrea:  Yeah.


Rory: In the summer it was different.


Andrea:  Oh, that was in the summer.


Rory: It was in the summer so it was like not hard like anytime in the winter you’re gonna penetrate and you’re all good.


Andrea:  Yeah.


Rory: But then but it was like a posthole but it was like a firm posthole you know. I was like my legs weren't coming out of it it's like they went and they weren’t coming out so if you were had like, good thing I had down momentum and I was like, I kind of came into a hill. I was trying to come and do like a bird landing.  The air was so thick like bvvvoooossst, I was like slapped, went to flare and ppppvvvvvvyy it just like the wing did not fall but it just didn’t do anything. It did not stopped me from falling. It was like I went down even faster.


Andrea:  That’s so crazy. Did you picture yourself as a bird?


Rory: You gotta think of yourself as a bird when you’re flying.


Andrea:  Yeah. Like flying a plane too?


Rory: Anything if you’re flying, you are a bird.  And the birds are masters, you can learn from them.


Andrea:  Do you study birds?


Rory: Absolutely. About their feathers and everything that they have.


Andrea:  That’s true. And what’s the name of your plane?


Rory: The Seagull feather.


Andrea:  Yeah. That’s cool. Why did you choose the Seagull feather?


Rory: Well, there’s a long list of reasons. Well, Seagull is my favorite bird for one.


Andrea:  Why?


Rory: Well because it is the smartest bird. The most of them.


Andrea:  Resilient?


Rory:  Obviously the most resilient and smartest birds at least the most of them. They are like dogs you know. You can’t stop them from eating garbage. They do whatever they want. They don’t give a shit whether people like them or not. They are just out there and do their thing. Whereas the Eagles are also sick but they're like they're endangered aren't they? They going to be doing something wrong Seagulls aren’t endangered.


Andrea:  That’s true.


Rory: Anyways. Seagull’s feather and I just like the word feather and I used to call Sarah, Seagull back in the day so I thought it was a fitting name.


Andrea:  Yeah.


Rory: I got that explained, name of the Seagull Feather and it’s stuck. Sometimes your name sign does not stick but it is a good one. Right when I got it I named it the Seagull Feather.


Andrea:  Yeah. That’s awesome. It’s cool and now it has DexKnows Best dog food on it?


Rory: Yeah.


Andrea:  That’s a new thing. What’s that?


Rory:  Well, Dexknowsbest is a new dog food line. It’s pretty huge. and make an order.  


Andrea:  And it’s like a subscription?


Rory: Yeah, it’s a subscription-based basically delivered to your door brainless. It’s like easy, super easy for you. Healthy dog food delivered to the door, it was like, oh my god, I forgot to get the dog food. So there it is.


Andrea:  That’s awesome.


Rory: We’re pretty stoked about it but there’s a really good recipe to start shipping on December 1st.


Andrea:  Crazy.


Rory: Yeah, we’ve launched.


Andrea:  And people have ordered?


Rory: Yeah.


Andrea:  And where does it ship from?


Rory: What’s Bella eating? We got to get Bella the dog food.


Andrea: Yeah, well a transitioner because you got to transition your dog right?


Rory: I understand. I know that.


Andrea: No, like you got and I would get Dex and then I would slowly change the proportions.


Rory: Yeah. That's good. I never really know what’s in Dex but that's good if you can mix them.


Andrea:  Yeah, slowly.


Rory: Because it’s the treats she like. It was when Dex was a puppy I used to like, for first four years she just ate everything she could and it was fine.


Andrea: yeah.


Rory: Then it comes like five, six years old and she started getting skin tons of skin irritation. How can I stop her from eating whatever she wanted, she is like, that was my whole thing with Dex. I was like, you're going to do whatever you want. I was like, you're my dog now? When Sarah passed away, I was super, super sad, she left me with the greatest gift ever Dex. I just look at Dex, I was like, now nobody's going to tell me to tell you what to do and I'm like I’m not going to tell you what to do either. Dex just do whatever she wants. She is a good dog. She’ll bite you suddenly if she gets gets mad. She'll give you love if she loves you. I mean a lot of people probably couldn't handle a dog like Dex. She does, you got to watch her, she goes crazy if I leave her. If I have an injury and I'm down for four days and  the first time, she goes like a real walk like you take her to the neighborhood when she's been pent up for a couple days not Pent up but like you know what I mean. She’s like, we haven't gone over to get adventure like warm her up. Sometime when we come from an adventure she sleeps for days. Anyways, it's like right now, she's in the car because she's just going crazy.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Completely gone nuts when I let her out of the car there, she busted you and your neighbor's house and then came out of the neighbor's house. I was like went in the backyard of your next neighbor. Anyway, she is a good dog. She does whatever she wants.  Dex and I started this dog food brand basically to give back a portion for every bag for the Sara Burke Foundation raise some money for the 5th server foundation and to give dogs like you know, another better option for food. Because we love dogs.


Andrea: Totally.  And it’s nice actually to over think about it. You know.


Rory: Totally. Going in there, like reading all those, I mean the future is like e-commerce, everything's coming online. For me that's hard to believe you know I'm like the guy who lives in the bush. It’s the way the future Dex and I we got a really, really smart business partner and he's kicking ass.


Andrea: That’s awesome.  


Rory: That’s why we love him.


Andrea: Because he knew Sarah too right?


Rory: Yeah. Exactly. That’s Blair. We came together after Sarah passed and then we became good buds. We were like thinking about you know, what should we want to do something here. Blair just fell in love with the story of me and Dex and he was like, this is f****** cool.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: He like it. He loves Dex. He’s far  but he’s like, Dex, I'd love to say the Dex loves Blair but I'm not sure if she's like she's a little bit like a Mess.


Andrea: Are you jealous?


Rory: He’s a big, brown guy. You know, Dex for sure, she’s got racism in her. It’s like, take her to the city and I’m like, gosh Dex, man you can’t be racist towards black, you can’t bark at black people. That’s not cool but she doesn't get it. She barks at bright white dogs. She is racist towards color Dexter, which is horrible. Maybe I should talk to her about that when a dog would come, you got to cut that out. Dex is not racist.


Andrea: No, she is great. But Bella likes small white dog. She loves them just. I don’t know what it is.


Rory: That’s weird. Dogs just don’t give a shit.


Andrea: Well, I think though, it’s something that happened to them and then it triggers something just like humans, they're just triggered by some.


Rory: Dex got picked up under a car.


Andrea: I remember that.


Rory: She was like two weeks old.


Andrea: Darcy right?


Rory: Yeah. What could have happened to Dex, you know, if you pat Dex with your feet, Dex will be like, she’ll bite you. If you try to touch her with your feet, like, nobody has ever kicked Dex. She’s never been kicked. She’s been with me since she’s two weeks old and I can solemnly promise that nobody has ever kicked her.


Andrea: But Maybe under the, in Darcy’s that happened.


Rory: She was so young. It’s like you can’t even remember when you are two weeks old, I guess a dog would probably can’t.


Andrea: Yeah.  I don’t know. I thought of it before because of how Bella, like my dog and Dex don’t get along and then Bella was like born caesarian section, you know. And I love every second of her life. But they just don’t share.


Rory: Yeah.


Andrea: They’re fine on walks together.


Rory: Oh, they’re all good. They’re working out, just like, Bella’s going to be here and Dex should have been right here.


Andrea: I don’t know if they are working that.


Rory: But they would have like a scuffle first and we would have been like, you and her.


Andrea: I think the thing though is that Bella, yeah, Dex is the boss and Bella doesn’t really, she is like a third of Dex’s size. And she did not stand out but the last time there was blood.


Rory: Well, no, we should learn a lot from those.


Andrea: Yeah. That’s awesome. How’s the foundation going?


Rory: It’s going good.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: We just got our applications in, we got a bunch in and we gave out another 2 grands for a 7500 bucks for coming up on. Tomorrow we got a meeting to say who the winners are.


Andrea: Because there is six years of it now?


Rory: Yeah.


Andrea: Yeah, it’s awesome. Do you have any, not like favorites but anyone that is kind of done a lot with those scholarships or it’s kind of like mix a little bit.


Rory: There has been a bunch of people doing awesome scholarships like, I've been following since we gave it to them like Winter Vinecki’s she’s killing it but still she’s out shredding super hard and doing triathlons of raising money around the world and she was like, and the girls they're kicking ass.


Andrea: Yeah. That is awesome. Then how many, how do you guys decide who's going to get it?


Rory: Super hard, we have a board and we would go through all the applications and then we basically put our three favorites in each and then get on a college and talk to all of them over. It's hard, super, super hard. We watch them and it’s like, oh man like, wait, how come I did not pick this girl? It stirs the board when we like watch her you know, and we’re like, okay, let’s see what you guys are looking for.  It was like quite a process.


Andrea: And what’s the mandate like how do you decide?


Rory: Well, I think it’s just any, it’s like giving it to someone that really seems like they show us transparency there you know. It’s like somebody that, like yeah, it’s super hard like we get a video interviewing themselves and then read their application and their references. So far, it’s super hard but it I mean it's awesome to watch they all put up such wicked videos, great to watch.


Andrea: Totally. Yeah. That’s awesome.  Other than DexKnows the biggest thing I think of is like Blow It If You Got it.


Rory: Yeah. Blow It If You Got It.


Andrea:  So blow it if you got is kind of your life Mantra


Rory: It’s not a drug reference.


Andrea: Oh, I know.


Rory: Or a sexual reference but it could be, I mean it could be whatever you want.


Andrea: It’s ambiguous.


Rory: It came up with on an air lift long time ago.


Andrea: Like how long ago?


Rory: I think right after Sarah passed away. I think somebody said it but I was like, I can't blow it, if you got it, it is a great that's a great headline. I was like, I liked it, I like that.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory:  I was like, in far, it’s far of everything you know if you have an opportunity to take it. If it’s powerful out on you and you can hike back up and send it, it’s like you have the energy, blow it if you got it. I was like, hike back up there. Send it off that thing you know, it's good to go you just hit it but you didn't get what you wanted you know. Don't go home without going back to get what you want.


Andrea: Yeah, don’t go home hungry. Yeah, that’s awesome.


Rory: If you can.  I mean if you can if you think you can go up back there and you’ll get hurt then don’t obviously.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: But in the end you know, you are in that moment you’re like.


Andrea: It’s like making the most.


Rory:  Cease it. It’s like, feels something and like continue that you know. Sounds like it’s a heroin or something like this.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Some of those things are addictive like, I’m scared to jump off the chief because I know I'd give it, that flow attitude, like oh my god that’s incredible.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: So I would just do that every single morning you know what, just like those guys do.


Andrea: Yeah. Well, we've talked about that before because you told me you have an addictive personality and so you have to kind of watch what you line up for yourself.


Rory: As I get older I learned things that will help me with that, but yeah I know it's hard for me to walk away from something. It’s like to go to the top of the chief in like stand on there with a parachute, inside it's not good and walk down are you kidding me? You feel the pain in your toes and knees. Hiking down in these shoes, you were planning on landing in not walking down it.


Andrea: Yeah.  Definitely. Yeah. We’ve lost a few friends up there.


Rory: I know.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: That’s the name of the game.


Andrea: Yeah. That’s kind of your own little personal boundaries which is again for your mom. Hmmm, What I’m going to say, do you think that in your life you find like balance? Or is it like an equation? Because I remember you telling me before that you sleep like 12 hours a day and I kind of felt guilty about it but then you're like for the other 12 hours I'm doing stuff like the whole time.


Rory: Yeah.  Balance for sure I try to stay balance. I mean as far as, I don’t really know what you mean by balance but yeah just try to stay happy and that's like doing exactly what I mean I'm super lucky to get to do what I do. I constantly feel that luck you know. Even when I was younger, I was like, trying to like do sweet stuff and have fun with your friends and try to get them to do it too.


Andrea: Yeah. Totally. Mhhhmmhhm. How do you feel like just having like that partner that buddy, like you and Mason? That's how I think of you landing on a beach I figured you've got like Dex and Mason with you or.


Rory: Yeah.It’s good to have your friends with you to do everything. You know, those people that you trust around you is like the most valuable thing that you have. Your family and your friends you know it's like those guys have your back.


Mason when I break my ankle, he doesn't know how to fly but he fly us home. I don't know, he's the kind of guy that you could, I can spend a lot of time with. He’s super good, good friend. I’m lucky to have him.


Andrea: When you're flying with him do you get him to land sometimes?


Rory: No, I'm pretty selfish when it comes to like I try to teach people how to land but I'm like I'm a bit of a controller. Take that you know there's two sticks in there, it's hard for me to like it does one thing that I wouldn't do, it just like, I know it would be find both ways. I don’t go exactly that, into that you know. I’m like, oh man, next time you’re going to land but this time I’m taking over.


Andrea: It’s funny.


Rory: I’m super bad, I need to just let go of the control. Mason can totally do it.


Andrea: I feel like you’re bluffing me, you are bluffing me than before because when we were flying, you were like, alright Andrea, you’re going to land, I’m like, what? You were like, I just had a heart attack. What are you going to do?


Rory: Oh yeah, I was bluffing.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: I don’t just don’t want to let go as far as I could and I was like, actually, I’m okay. Give me that control.


Andrea: That's when you were telling me about the space because you're just like, you’re like loosen up, like it's all about space and like gliding. And yeah, it’s funny. I think about that sometimes. Yeah. I guess you just read me because I was scared to land it.


Rory: Well, you know what I mean, I wasn’t exactly, I was for sure bluffing.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: I’m right there beside you. I’m not going to actually.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory:  but I mean if you did it like everything that I did, I would, but I tried to train a couple guys around my plane and I have and they've done pretty good but it's like it feels like the first time I landed this. It’s tricky.


Andrea: It’s like learning to drive standard.


Rory: Sort of it, the flare is different. It’s like, you learn how to flare in a 172 and it’s tail wheels then nose wheel and you flare on a 180, it is like if you don't go, and you flare too much and your nose is too high and you don't go all the way, like with power and go like three wheels the same time, dump the flaps and you end up going two wheels before the tail wheel but in like a flare position you just start bouncing. It’s like it hits the ground (errrrrghhh) and bounce, bounce, bounce. The best way to get there is like you can if you can't go in between the two, it will be like either land two wheels in the front little bit faster and then drop the tail or just land 3 at the same time. Anything in between you can do it but it makes, it's like bouncy.


Andrea: Yeah. You can teach people.


Rory: I know my plane, it’s 1953, that's my baby. And it’s tough for me to watch someone's bounce it.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: If I’m not in it, fine, if I jumped out, I'm stoked you know. I’m like, I can watch it bounce then but what it's just like dry bouncing. Ahhhh stop it.


Andrea: So when you go up in the plane and then you jump out to go skiing or whatever. What do you think is the most exciting part of that? Is it like planning it and accomplishing it? Is it the moment when you're like floating through the air? Or is it just like as soon as…


Rory: It’s the whole thing. The whole thing is really exciting.


Andrea:  Just pulling it off.


Rory: Yeah.


Andrea: Yeah


Rory:  it's a nice relief when you get down and then get a ride home and you’re riding home.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: You know. There’s a lot of variables in those sort of stunts, in those sort of missions.  I haven't properly filmed one but there's a lot of planning, you’re skiing, flying, flying an airplane, a parachute, skiing dealing with avalanches, and finding your gear in the snow.


Andrea: That's the thing.


Rory: With no support at all like once you get in the snow, for example your skiis, if you don’t find your skis, I’ve thrown my skis and been like made the pilot do like 10 circles until I spotted them.   I'm just like meticulously like try to make a map of my head of where they were and I get up to where it's safe to jump and I can't see anything from back in the snow, I’m like are you kidding me, I’m re-thinking of where it was when I jumped down to them and I'm like flying down like within a hundred feet above the snow and I still haven't spotted them and I’m like, Oh God, no, no, no and I’m like, they are! I was like do a crappy landing because I’m like pinning it for the skis and not worrying about the wind or anything.


Andrea: What color are your skis?


Rory: I tie ribbons on them.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Pretty sure they are bright nor the skis are bright. Super nice and bright.


Andrea: Yeah. Because I was like…


Rory: But they sink. It’s like even if they don’t, even if they make so much smoke when they hit, the smoke covers it. Even if it is not that deep. Throw them on with a ski bag but then you have to carry the ski bag and there’s a bunch of ribbons but ribbons can be like, they'll get buried too.


Andrea: It's funny because I was like, oh I should just fill up like water balloons full of cool-aid so when I smash these…


Rory: It’s a great Idea. I never ever thought about that.


Andrea: Do you think like it will explode like as they are going down in the air like, how do you keep them?


Rory: I think it will explode when they hit but think it might penetrate too. It might go so deep that it just gets covered up.


Andrea: Totally. Yeah, it’s interesting.


Rory: The flags are like I wrapped flags around the skis and hopefully when they're flipping and spinning down when they are flipping and slipping down they are uncoiled but I got down to them and they are all still completely coiled up because you don't want them to uncoil them when you throw up while they're going to like get caught on those I mean those flags to break pretty easy.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: But still it's an airplane I'm not trying to get anything caught up and throwing the skis out alone is like kind of an operation.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: So it’s that right there like you could mess that up and hit the tail.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Flying low and slow. You got to be going slow because if you go too fast you need to tell your pilot we’re going low and slow. It’s just like in airplane you know, it’s not supposed to go low and slow and fast low because low and slow is for landing.


Andrea: But what is low, like what?


Rory: Low enough that I'm going to nail where I want you know I can't throw them from a thousand feet up.


Andrea: Yeah. But like how far from the earth are you when you're cruising there?


Rory: I don’t decide any obstacles with people.


Andrea: Oh, no, no I know. And I know it’s probably..


Rory: You go 500 feet, it is fine.


Andrea: 500 feet.


Rory: If you’re going 500 feet it’s totally fine. If you throw them in there, you can get a great aim.


Andrea: Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s funny. Because I think when you, was it for a momentum when you like showed up there with the black cone?


Rory: Yeah. Few times I jumped down to momentum.


Andrea: And then how is like what’s the black cone with that?


Rory: They turn a blind eye to it.


Andrea: That’s cool.


Rory: To me, I was pretty crazy actually. The main guy that was like running the show, he was a,  and he is not like known to all but it always like I had respect for each other, like I said hello and I'd never had trouble with him ever, never had trouble with her black cone when I arrived at the mountain. I used to it anyways while I use to sleep at black cone. Anyways, I jumped down and everybody is like of course everybody saw it and I was literally just like packing up my parachute and I look to the side of the guy, I forgot his name. His skis right down the line and he is like looks at me kind of gives me like a bit of a “okay bud” and he just like looks away and continues like he was fixing the fence. He’s like 10 feet away from me slides right by he’s like let me know that he saw but that he wasn't going to do anything but sort of like maybe like don't do that everyday sort of look you know. And I did I just did it once. Once a summer or a couple summers but I can go again.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: It is pretty sweet that way to get to the glacier sleeping because usually get up at like 6 in the morning, get breakfast, get on the chair, you with the campers and you’re like going up by time 10 a.m. like your days weighed in.  Or this way you get on the airplane like 9:30 am.


Andrea: Totally.


Rory: Get up at 9, grab a snack in the plane at 9:30 jump down at 10,  fly in at 10:03 and then do stretch and enjoy the day or like a couple of times I was even show up like 10:30 and they're like just finishing stretched. It was like I getting in there was like an issue or something. I was like oh god, I got to get up there guys.


Andrea: That’s funny.


Rory: Get this point started.


Andrea: When you were talking about that guy kind of like looking at you and letting him know that you saw him, it’s a kind of picturing maybe your dad being like that.


Rory: Oh yeah. My dad does not to be big-time. He's like done that my whole life, the looks and sort of like but then never just never says anything. He shows a little bit of like, Ohh buddy, why are you doing that?  I jumped off Panama canal.


Andrea: Oh,.. Yeah, when you were on the cruise? That’s what I was going to bring up actually.


Rory: I jumped off the Panama canal the only guy that was on the upper deck was still like, I was waiting for everyone to laugh but my dad was up there taking pictures with his iPhone or his ipad.


Andrea: You didn't even tell him you're doing it?


Rory: No, of course not. And my sister was downstairs ready to film. And my brother-in-laws are ready to film and I just looked at my dad I  was like, gave him the same look, and I’m like I wish you had gone downstairs and I was like this is happening.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: You know, I’m 33 years old, and I’m like this is happening dad. This is a great trip on but I'm definitely jumping off of this. Anyways, so I run down the thing jump off, and he climb back on the boat before they even sign the man overboard, I climb back on the boat they turn like by the time I got on the boat, they turned to get a man overboard to turn off the engines, they’re accusing the engines to hold pressure against, we have two boats in and they turn the engines off the boat hit each other. The lines go slack like there is these train cars holding the boat the same place, there goes slack the boats hit each other and I'm already back up drinking on the upper deck and at 20 minutes later they like track me down, the captain comes up, and he’s like what happened exactly and I was like ohhhh, I was super embarrassed I fell off the boat, I climbed back on as quickly as I could and I was like I’m so, so sorry.


Andrea: Was it a lady?


Rory: I got reporters saying, people are saying that you jump. Your sister blah blah blah like they literally took me and my mom and dad and my sister and my brother-in-law on the, not custody but pretty much we were gone custody in the boat and then they took us into interrogation and my dad, last time he said to me, you ruined Christmas and I was like Dad, don’t say that, you just tell him that I fell I did not ruined anything and he was like, you did not fall.  I saw you jumped. And I was like, I know dad and I wish that you didn't but I have my little opportunity and I took it and now you're going to say fell off the boat or you ruin Christmas. He was like brrrghhhhh brrrrrghhhh grumbles in those interrogations and of course he didn’t sell me out, they gave me a break, my dad.


Andrea:  My mom would have sold me out.


Rory: My dad is like, he's always that way, he’s like gets so mad at me and then go to court and get me out of my giants he can’t take it without me even there. You know, he's a good, good dad.


Andrea: Yeah.  I think Will told me the story but what did they expect trying to put you on a cruise for, but..


Rory: It was great. It was a great cruise but we were in never goes out but I mean where the Panama Canal and it was perfect like, it was like the perfect opportunity. I could see it you know, I scouted three locks going up I watched what was happening and the last lock going up was my last offer to you, you cannot jump into a lock that's going down.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: It’s crazy you got those suction things in the bottoms. You have to go in a filling lock and I can't go when it's filling, I have to wait till it's full. I watched it two times like you get a window.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: About a 30-second window and then they open the door and they float you to the next lock-in this currents and crazy s*** and they like, anyways. So I jumped in my window, I had my window, it was perfect, everybody was just going down.  It was a perfect other than the fact, it is pitch dark.


Andrea: Ohhh, crazy. Did part of you think though that they won’t see you?


Rory: I figure I'd be in and out but then I didn't realize they had opened up the back lower deck right where I had to climb in.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: They were like and this is how the lock opens and this is what..


Andrea: It was like a tour.


Rory: Yeah, it was like after dinner show tour.


Andrea: Yeah. Oh my gosh. That’s amazing. I’ve only been to the Welland canal.


Rory: That’s pretty cool. Big, big locks up and down and I sort of did ruin it, the downward locks, I think I fell asleep I was like in the lot lobby, getting in trouble, like I didn't get to watch the down river but anyways.  Apparently crocodiles get stuck in there and it was super-heated because I had walked around and scouted it so many times. I would like looked and I put a rope right at the edge thinking that if I couldn't climb back up my sister's going to have to throw me that rope and I'd even tied the rope to this thing and then when I climbed up my sister had the rope held in her hand and like that they saw that you know. It's like a bunch of the people and the captain saw that and they’re like, man, she's really on it. She already had that rope tied up and ready to throw over like she knew he was going to go over you know.


Andrea: Yeah, but Ellie Bushfield, she is on it.


Rory: She would probably went and killed her interrogations like, no this is what I do. She came in with a no pad, she’s like, my brother does this and I never know he was up on the upper deck then I was just ready, I never know. She probably had pulled it off.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Obviously she did because we enjoyed the rest of the cruise.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: We did not get kicked off. I think the cruise boat had to pay a fine of $75,000 to the Panama officials for having a man over-board.


Andrea: Oh, wow. That is something.


Rory: I know. They want it, they need it with that sort of interrogation, they’re like he’s paying it and I was like, I fell, I did, I fell.


Andrea: Yeah. Wild.


Rory: They can’t really use the footage though not for a while.


Andrea: No. Yeah. That’s funny. You did fall. Well, technically yeah. Uhm, it’s funny though, talking about Ellie because I remember I was talking before about you and Sarah both being like the babies with these older siblings that kind of took care of you and we like thought maybe that's why you guys were so free because you have like these, yeah, I don’t know, might be far-fetched.


Rory: Wait, what was that?


Andrea: Like that you have like older siblings because you know how when you have an older sibling they of break the way and stuff.


Rory: Yeah. True.


Andrea: And then like both of your older sisters are kind of bosses and you know doing their thing and then you guys are just like free-spirited or it is just like believe anything's possible like you can pull it off or is it?


Rory: For sure having an older sibling, paving the way is huge for people, it is like you look at successful kids that I know, it was like they had an older brother that it’s like, this is how it's done you know, this one and then they're ready. The parents are ready for like the younger one to follow in those footsteps but even more successfully or however.


Andre: And when you like see something probably not from your sisters but like the first person that did a backflip and all of a sudden people seeing that, then everyone could do it or you know like the way it all kind of deals.


Rory: Right.


Andrea: It’s funny.


Rory: Exactly. I look at my younger cousin Del. He’s two and a half years younger than me and he’s so talented and he used to be so small and light like he’s just a little kid and he couldn't get the trampoline to bounce him high. He could go like three feet in the air and we were bouncing like killing his highest you know. I've got like nine, whatever you can on a trampoline when you're like a 150 lb.  Dell is like 75 pounds, he's passing the same tricks as us but 3 feet high, he’s such but he did finally put the weight, that kid is so talented.


Andrea: What is he doing now?


Rory: Dell does sorts of studies. He runs this little snow skating park in his backyard. Kicks ass. He is always putting up sick little snow skate videos and it’s like just an escape for skate border, snow border, wake border.


Andrea: Is he even a musician?


Rory: Nahh, he’s decent he is pretty good at Doctor Mario but I'm better.


Andrea: Yeah. I thought I remembered maybe. Yeah, it’s funny and it's cool and what's your property like in Squamish Valley? I feel like that's like just because when Will first told me about it he said it was like kind of like a marsh or something.


Rory: Oh yeah. It’s a little marshy.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: Sure. It needs some fill but it’s marshy at certain times of the year.


Andrea: Which is Squamish.


Rory: It dries up quick. The same as your backyard.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: When it starts pouring rain, the backyard is the same as my entire 6 Acres. Sort of like swampy not swamp, it isn't swampy, it's good it's like there's puddles. Yeah, it built a little relief pond. A relief pond and it’s been helping a lot, it’s filling up. I might go out there after this and have a look how it is doing. I hope it doesn’t get freezing cold or high pressure because I'm going to skate in my pond.


Andrea: Oh that is nice.


Rory: I’m pretty excited for that. It was frozen the other day but not quite thick enough.


Andrea: And what is your plan for the whole 6 acres?


Rory:  Well, I will slowly but surely, but right now I've just have built my little community. I got my cousin Willie and his friend Mike moved in. Leo Horn is living out there. I got Phil Hoodach and his girl out there and he had to stay, spend some time out there. Mostly when it's nice.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: It's a good little spot. I love it. It's like an adventure starting zone and it's right at the edge like Mason and I planned most of our adventures out of that valley and I shouldn't really be giving this stuff away.

Andrea: Yeah and that's cool.

Rory:  but that's like the base of..

Andrea: Good access point.

Rory: Yeah. Exactly. The Valley goes forever.  So we use some of those sneaky little secret spots.

Andrea: I've accidentally gone down there once. I missed the turn coming out of sea chromes, but to the valley.

Rory: Oh yeah. Oh you turned out into the sea chromes, oh and you went into the Squamish Valley, all the way down and then you came out to like the Sheridan and then you ride to the town down into the main road, you stop.


Andrea: No. well then I was like, Oh shit I miss the turn. I’m going to go back up and get to my truck.


Rory: the other way...


Andrea: Yeah. I think I just turn right.


Rory:  Steepy snowville tracks going both ways because people slide in from...


Andrea: Yeah I was with Hancole and Mark, Hancole is like, like most people stop at the…


Rory: at the fork...


Andrea: At the fork, yeah. He was like gunning and I was just...


Rory: turned wrong…


Andrea: Yeah and I’m from Ontario so on those roads I’d like to gunning cause it’s like familiar..


Rory: yeah familiar road… so you went all the way


Andrea: Yeah and Mark followed me just to make sure that I was ok. But I kinda like got down to like that center...


Rory: Ri for ridge, oh all the way down to the.. Oh... You went all the way…


Andrea: Oh yeah… I was like down... Oh Shit…I think it was not long and I thought that I kind of realized that I never really stand down, like I’m just going to..


Rory: Keep going


Andrea: It’s crazy though how the mountains are all so connected.

Rory: Yes, lots. Well that the logging, it’s a sort of mask that little zone since then though, making it so easy to go right  across, you going to like, when you dirt bike across in the summer you going to go through the valley to Whistler they blocked off couple sneaky  little turn you going to make.


Andrea: Cool. Alright


Rory: The loggers, man, they gave us a lot. They took a lot but they gave us a lot.


Andrea: It’s the balance, it’s like, I don’t really believe in balance but it’s like the equation, you know, you take and you give. Just like the river…


Rory: The River took my boat... I know that’s a funny comment, had somebody comment. I was telling Andrew earlier that they commented, I was flying my plane low in the river, skimming the water, then they commented, Woah, It look stupid, why don’t you get a boat?  and I commented back, I had a boat and it sank, it’s in the bottom of the river.


Andrea: Was that the story of the…?


Rory: I was probably like, what an idiot. But that’s where the road. Sometimes, you know the river; I think it’s a lot safer in an airplane than my little thinner that I got for four hundred and twenty bucks down in Serry, pretty sure that with holes in it.


Andrea: Yeah.


Rory: I’m pretty sure my plane that…


Andrea: What happened when it went down to, because it’s that, the story were like, Stace like almost drowned?


Rory: Oh she was fine. She had me to save her. She was also saving my gun, grabbed the gun and it was like swimming like bobbing in the water, she was wearing 3 puffy jackets just like, I got your gun and like, Oh my god baby, give me that, swim! And she was like, I will swim to the shore? Yeah we’re swimming to the shore, abandon ship and so she started swimming just very quickly from there and then started to sink, you know, I managed to be like 5 feet apart from each other. Meanwhile my other buddy was under the boat while we were having this conversation; she just hanged on under the boat, Check them! Kaye gets out of the boat, swims to the shore; Stace is like swimming slowly but drowning, you know being like, Help Rory! you know, Ok baby I got you, grab to that. Luckily I had a log with my foot I managed to grab onto I kinda submerged log and grabbed onto her and then like held her with my legs and took her jackets off, ditched all the jackets in the river and then swam and she swam, once she ditched her jacket she could swim but she was hypothermic for sure. She’s definitely got hypothermic and those jackets, man, like she couldn’t move very well. She was shock cold and then those jackets, oh poor girl, and then she was kicked off her mocks and so she walked the whole way through the forest barefooted, it was quite exciting.


Andrea: I am remembering, as you say that, a river story. Was there someone stag and did lose a finger?


Rory: Well someone stag, well yeah, that was RJ. Rj’s finger, yeah, while me, Trennon and RJ were trying to make a wave. We were kicking rocks into the river, into the Skykomish, trying to make like a river wave. It was working out, you know, we were kicking ass, we even made it so good that Trennon took his bore and was trying to surfing and me and RJ were like, oh let’s get more rocks and there we had the pry bar. We’ll get this big rock we’re trying to move, and like, we both get on it, we pushing the rocks like shifts, as we pushed it, like shifts and twist and bang!! And RJ hits him right in his finger and he was shaking his finger and shaking his finger and shaking it. We cannot get a good like he was like, “Ohhhh Ohh Ohhh” and all of a sudden we look at it and it’s like missing his ring finger, it’s like half way down. “Ohh shit dude” and he was like, “Ohhhhhhmmmm” and he looks me in the eye and he was like, “Get my finger!!!” and he walks down and shows Trennon and he was like trying to swim across the river again and get in the car and like waiting for me. Meanwhile, I was digging in the rocks to find this mango spaghetti mashed finger inside of a glove, right? And like open it and look like, oh my god, like, a part of me like, let’s leave this shit and there’s no way they’re stitching this thing back on, spaghetti. Anyways, I couldn’t do that, I was like, RJ looked at me in the eyes like, “You need to get my finger, bring it back”, and so I get his finger.  I get down to the river, it’s a raging river, its Skykomish, I’m on the other side of the Skykomish, I’m like I got this lead pipe and all this shit from like, fuck it!! And throw the lead pipe from the side of the river and leave like a nice pile, I’ll come back for this and I take his finger and like put it in my hand and way steep in the river and washed down 10 feet trying to swim and like, “I can’t do it in my hand, get out”. I’m gonna put it in my wet suit and it’s like starting squishing out and like, “Oh my god’ I can’t put it in the wet suit and so I was like, I did not know where to put this finger and so I put it in between my front teeth, and like, “finger in”, like I don’t wanna dangle it out and so I put the finger like on my tongue and held the bag, was like a finger in the fucking bag basically and had the bag closed, and swam across the river, breathing through my nose as much as I could and I got over there with taste of RJ’s blood, swam off ran into the car, got on the car, drive the car and drive through the hospital and RJ called his girl. He was like, “Baby, some bad happen down by the river today, baby” and he’s like go silent and I looked at Trennon and was like, “I’d been to this whole finger of RJ”, and looked at Trennon, and looked at RJ and looked at Trennon like, “You see, is he fucking serious? That’s what he is telling his girl, like something bad happen, she’s gonna think somebody’s dead, man!!! You gotta…” like I just burst into laughing like “oh my god, RJ” just started laughing so hard as he was telling her that his finger, that his ring finger got smashed off and they are getting married a month later and he just smashed off his ring  finger. Anyway, I’m like laughing in the back, but that is so cool and I couldn’t recover from that and they wonder, why is Bushfield laughing?

Well probably because of the way he just broke that news to you, “some bad happen down by the river today.


Andrea: Oh my god and then, we’re they able to reattach that finger?


Rory: No, no. I brought it there and was like I gave it to the doctor and was like, saying, Spaghetti, dude, I just wanna let you know, I kept it as cool as I could, you know, did the best I could with this but trying to think if there is any bone in there?, and it was like sheared his finger off and chipped of a bit of a bone off which I apparently didn’t find.


Andrea: Oh yeah, oh that was the crucial part.


Rory: But his finger basically grow back, it’s crazy. It’s like lot of the bone was still there so like it’s just sheared the whole finger like a lot of the bone was there still, somehow, which was weird because he was like shaking it and shouldn’t  look like there is anything left. If you look at it now, he’s almost got a finger nail. His finger like grew back, very, very strange. Rj is a good good man.


Andrea: He’s a neighbor.


Rory: Yeah I know. He is a beauty, isn’t he?

Andrea: Yeah. I saw him once I was walking ballad down by the river and I came across this guy like, with his kid on his back and he had like, garden sheers and he was just like gardening path and I was like, oh wow, good neighbor.


Rory: (inaudible response)


Andrea: Yeah, so awesome. Alright, Wow, man! Ok so, Blow it if you got it. Do you think that’s your advice to people?


Rory: Yeah, I mean, yeah for sure. Just to get out there and do as you can, you know, enjoy your life. Just make sure you smile, blow it if you could. If you can smile, you should that’s blowing it if you got it. Yeah. That’s my message.


Andrea: Yeah. I liked it. Well, thanks Master.


Rory: Thank you.


Andrea: Yeah. I wonder if there is anything else you should say. You did well enough a good intro.


Rory: You did a pretty good podcast.


Andrea: Yeah. We are at 51 minutes.


Rory: Nice that is podcast life.


Andrea: Yeah, totally!


Rory: You figured a nice drive.


Andrea: Yeah, Exactly.


Rory: Hopefully you will arrive at your destination.


Andrea: I was hoping for an inspiration.


Rory:: And you can blow it if you got it.


Andrea: Right?


Rory: There you go. Nice, Lawless. Who is your next interviewer? You should get almond here.


Andrea: I know. Well, I want to. He’s kinda busy. He’s visiting his family right now.  


Rory:: He’ll come through. He always drives this squamp.


Andrea: Yeah, oh yeah. Well, we do of a bit of work together.


Rory: He gets Sammy Carlson.  Who else could you get that’s around here that’s, oh yeah get some climbers.


Andrea: He lives here?


Rory: Get some climbers. No, he is in Ravi but he courses through here.


Andrea: Ok. Isn’t he American?


Rory:: How about Brennon Dean?


Andrea: Oh yeah.


Rory: Yeah. He packed my parachute the other day, got some beauty.


Andrea: Yeah and well, I could do, I have 3 microphones. I could do him and Zeus.


Rory: Yeah, Bingo! That will be really cool. You should do that, that’s a good one.  And who else that is in Squamp that is inspirational, Trennon?


Andrea: Oh yeah, Trennon’s good. I went out to Jordan River and I have interviewed Johny Even and I he’s property, I can’t picture your property like that, like he build the pond. He fills it with rain water.


Rory: Like in the Jordan River? Nice. He is very good at stuff. I don’t know if you have seen his tree house?  But it’s incredible.


Andrea: Oh like up the valley?


Rory: Yeah it’s incredible. His little caboose tree house up there is unbelievable. He is a bad ass.


Andrea: He’s got some platforms and stuff.


Rory: Gallant. Yeah, gallant. He would the, be pretty much the fast come about the difference between no boarding and snowboarding.


Andrea: Oh perfect. Hours?


Rory: He would be one of the funniest podcast; I bet you he has never even done a podcast. I would go; I would listen to a gallant podcast.


Andrea: Oh my gosh, well I remember.


Rory: Can you give me some question forms after this. Like Mikey Ranse’s, Mikey Ranse started a twitter account forum without his knowledge and I was just doing funny gallant quotes, like nothing mean or anything, but just like, and people started digging it and next thing you knew, Mikey was like, he found out like “Man, that’s weak, can you keep that going man?”. He was like writing in twitter like, I made a pimp house #pimphouse, just like “I write all the powder today #Powderhound.


Andrea: Well I remember, like Leilan telling me that Martin was like, yeah, “you guys are always on the Instagram, he’s like I’m on the Craig’s list, like I’m getting shit.


Rory: You guys are on the Instagram; I’m on the Craig’s list.


Andrea: And now he is more about on the Instagram.


Rory: Oh he is getting more, it’s really funny to see, I like, I showed him how to do all the searches, he is a little bit, I didn’t , he’s first Facetime call ever, I call him on Facetime, he was like what? Really? My phone? It was the funniest thing ever. The guy was a beauty.


Andrea: He is. He is awesome.


Rory: There are a lot of good people you could do around here, even like, what about Ty Spence? He was like; his whole wood thing is very, very cool.


Andrea: Yeah. I feel like he’s gone on with you guys just like,


Rory: Oh yeah. He’s taking more wing to the next level. He’s got a shop down and he just bought a building that he’s gonna move into.


Andrea: Oh sick.


Rory: But he’s also got a shop right back at Cal Tire there, he is kicking ass.


Andrea: Oh I should go check it out. I love woods.


Rory: You should, he’s tons and tons of awesome stuff.


Andrea: Yeah, that was just really cool about Johny Even’s house. He’s got a stick shop.


Rory: Oh he’s a wood artist.


Andrea: Well he took like I guess, it’s like the, I think it was the first house built in Jordan River, so it was like 1937 or something and they’re gonna tear it down like Calesh Cabanac I guess as his partner and some unknowns and they took the house and they towed up the hill to his place and so then they like, built the foundation and now there..


Rory: Sick. Cool.


Andrea: It’s kind of like, cool brown houses like with the nice woods and…


Rory: Cool, so awesome.


Andrea: Yeah, it’s interesting. We will take up.


Rory: Riley Lebbow, Phoebe, TJ, Mar Getz, those guys are all in Squamish.


Andrea: Yeah. Oh don’t they all live together at Chins? That’s awesome. I wonder, ok, that’s good.


Rory: And on the valley is Scott. A really funny one, that would be hilarious is to get to Carlson brothers together, I don’t know if you know them, but one of them is Reed. Reed runs a fabricating place downtown Squamish and then his brother Phaeton, oh I’m sure you know he’s took over Fred’s, Fred’s Auto. His car friend’s auto, he’s like, yeah that is Phaeton. Brothers both running with big beards, both are two of the most hilarious genuine like dopest dudes ever like if you got them both it will be fucking hilarious.


Andrea: I don’t know Fred retired.


Rory: Yeah Fred retired and went to a hundred mile house. Sold his place in the valley and got out of town. Fred gone!


Andrea: He’s a nice guy.


Rory: Fred’s the best, such a big heart.


Andrea: Sometimes like he gives a big hug and with an open mouth kiss and I was kinda like, inappropriate for a mechanic.


Rory: He is the best; I know he did some funny things to Sarah, said some funny things to Stace. Stace one time like, Some taken in my car Fred and he puts his head right on her chest and was like, “I think the sound seems ok to me. “ So funny.


Andrea: I kinda felt like it was because he had to deal with dudes all the time and then he hardly spoken to girls.


Rory: I think he just loves girls. Fred is a beauty, like a really nice guy you know, didn’t try to rob anybody, and did an honest, honest job. He was a beautiful guy. Phaeton is just the same thing; they got the super dope place there.


Andrea: Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah the valley definitely has a lot of characters.


Rory: Such good characters for sure.


Andrea: Yeah so beautiful. Alright! Isn’t Sammy Carlson, American though?


Rory:: Oh he is though, I think part like Southern part.


Andrea: And why do you think he’ll be good?


Rory: Oh I think he’s stoop. Kyle Peterson will be a good one too. Sammy and Kyle are like the world’s best skiers I’d say. These kids are so, so sick and they’re pushing it so hard like really, really talented like bodies built for skiing. Neither of them I don’t think have ever had like a serious injury like those kids are like and they are doing the craziest like those kids are like on fire and they will be for a long time.


Andrea: Well it’s funny because I remember, probably one of the first time I met you guys was when you guys were doing that back 9 contest? Cause he was in it but he was so little, right?


Rory: Oh man, that was so sick. I remember what he did on one of the runs, one of the lines that I won, he ended up just doing like a pout run down, say he went the whole edge of the course just like a pout turn cause we all watch cause we all judge our own bets, I was like watching, that was like a hellish shot, sandwich was like so sick that was a pout turn, I love him so much he’s such a beautiful, beautiful kid.


Andrea: That contest was so ridiculous.


Rory: It was cool then super cool then fun. Change socks, thanks for that.


Andrea: Oh man, he’s the best. Even like cause Sarah and Cjay like they flew in for that remember, a part of it, and the river front or sea arser?


Rory: So awesome.


Andrea: So crazy.


Rory: That’s right, they flew in. Yes, I remember that.


Andrea: Just like the end of season, you going to burn some budget.


Rory: Yeah. Just brought it out, She got a light like a helly budget because she was with, who was this main sponsor, remember they gave more helly budget than they did but like money like he was, that body , they said, “we stayed though in some houses some years, had to blow it, had to blow his budget.


Andrea: Oh maybe that’s where you got it from?


Rory: Blow it if you got it, no. Maybe that’s where I got it from old CR Johnson. He was living it. What a beautiful, beautiful man.


Andrea: Definitely. Cool, alright so this is where we stop talking, I have a good list here though.



Andrea: So this isn’t actually the end of the podcast because we just hear that we started talking about one of Rory’s best friend, John James Mcmurry who passed away on October 20th, 2018. He was a rapper and he came up from the rink as professional skier like Rory, and like Rory he keeps reinventing himself and he wasn’t scared of standing down from anything. I purposely didn’t chat about him during our podcast cause I felt like it might have been too soon or raw but after we stopped recording the podcast, I told Rory about my thoughts and then he said that we should record some more. So here it is, a little bit of a bonus. I hope you’ll enjoy.



Andrea: Did he have a Mohawk for your wedding?


Rory: No. I was looking at photos the other day he didn’t have a Mohawk, I probably asked him not to which is I’m such a dick of a friend, ask him not to have a Mohawk for the wedding. I don’t know if I did or not, he probably, I probably expected him to have a Mohawk. He was, my boy John James Mcmurry was pretty much, he was “blow it if you got it”, if you’re gonna like take an outline of how that is, he’s lived his whole life, blowing it if you got it. He’s like, he carried cameras on him and just like right to zero battery, and just like get a soft wood charger and any charger even in a parking garage that’s where we were hanging out, waiting out to charge his battery at a parking garage, he was a great inspiration of a human, such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful kind, I miss him so much.


Andrea: Yeah? And how old were you when you guys first met?


Rory: 13, yeah.


Andrea: Skiing?


Rory: Skiing, yeah, exactly.


Andrea: And how far were you guys living from each other?


Rory: We live, we were close, it’s like our crew, me and Philip were the closest one another, me and Philip Deckon, and Piolo live way out of town and me and Philip like he was in North West Calgary, I was in Balzac so I and my dad would drive me to see him for the week end or vice versa and I started hanging out with John. Just such a good, yeah I’m so glad that we did that when we were kids, we became such good friends, we became, we were the “lose can, we are”, we all see pee. 30 years, it’s nice to, I am just, I am still in disbelief  for me that he passed away, I’m so sad, about him, it kills me you know. But he also rode an airplane winged down into the ground like a cowboy, and that’s how every single song that I’ve been listening to since his pass like him saying, “ I’m trying not to die, if I die then don’t, don’t cry, just keep rocking, you pee ‘til you die” , like all sorts, like all of his songs were basically all about him getting pussy or him, having huge balls or him talking about being broke, or him talking about if he doesn’t make he’s gonna die trying. He was like, those are the piece 4 points, he’s like, “I’m gonna go so ham for this, by the way, if I die on the way, don’t cry for me,” he’s like, “this is what I wanted you know”, that’s our saving grace Lucy be nice like he was out there giving his horsey as he possibly could, even with, if some of his best friends are like, “Are you sure about this?”. He wanted it so bad, so inspirational way I like it in life, just like every facial expression every like comment that he had like compliment someone gave him like a burn someone gave he is so witty and so smart and always like it’s just so tactful of what he said, he was never out of line, he would never say something that was like, “what dude?”. He’s just so unpointing so cool that’s the word for him, he’s like the world’s coolest mother fucker I ever met and yeah he was like, he’s a rapper and trying to be cool in everything he was, he was genuine, easy going, helpful, positive people among the planet. John James. Go check his music out, it’s really, really incredible and then he left us like a giant, giant amount of unfinished music and footage like hundreds of thousands of hours of footage that he left us since like, it’s just sitting there and it’s like it’s going to take time and work and people that are going to, put it out there that will be a fee stream, you know, it would make some sort of documentary, some are like cause he left us an insane, like nobody has ever laugh that much footage of themselves on use like he would take tiny little snippets and he put in social media and then he’d film like movie every single day and hide it away in his hard drive and make two songs, write them down and record them secretly and put them in his you know, he’s like, “not yet it wasn’t finished” and he was like, but he had it written down and recorded on his computer. So when he passed away we looked at through his computer, I was like, “holy shit Phil” he’s like, so much cool stuffs that he never showed to anyone cause he was such a perfectionist so it’s really cool. And even his old stuff I found an old CD in my truck, probably from, when he was like 20, and its gold, pure gold and I’ve always puff that CD from time to time like every couple of years if I find it. But this time it’ like the whole trouble for taking it up.


Andrea: For sure, yeah it’s cool having such an outlet to like, no matter what happens to like a positive or negative you’re going to just make into a song like it’s a lesson.


Rory: He had that outlet like he gave it to us, you know and like so many songs and so many artists can just sit there, laugh and cry and like record a bit of it and send it to the home boys like so funny, you know, some of it are really, really sad, you know, he was like, made some love songs and just him talking about dying and like he left us like he was so real and he was a rapper that wasn’t like talking about people  he wasn’t like, everything that he talk about was completely 100% legit and I backed that up like all days like everything he rap about is exact, was going, it was real, he was so real.


Andrea: Yeah. I don’t know if you posted, or he posted it, about I think it was on yours about just growing up and about this people telling you what to do and all the shoulds and all those stuff.


Rory: Powerful message.


Andrea: Yeah. Like that message right there I think is, yeah.


Rory: So cool. I know that’s like a 2hour long interview that you can look up its on and you can look up and you can watch the whole thing it’s like really, really good.


Andrea: And what is johnjamesforever, was that his website or you guys just put it together?


Rory: No, we started that after basically, started that after just like in memory of him man, and he was driving in traffic we were trying to get some, we were raising some money into, trying to because its gonna take so much to get all, to turn on to something cause people like, you know, it turn out that shit super expensive. Just to have one song mastered just like, a thousands and thousands, and he was such a perfectionist and to put that shit out raw from his computer, are you kidding me, roll over, has me done right if it’s done, right?


Andrea: Yeah think Arman told me that he came out to Squamish like a week before he passed away and that you got to hang out with him, which is pretty amazing.


Rory: Yeah I was with them right before. He was begging me to like, let me walk in my wing. He wanted it so bad and I was like, I didn’t give it to him. I was just, I just had sewing red flags, you know. There’s just so many things wrong of  what he wanted to do and his brain wasn’t wrapped around aviation you know, it was wrapped around so many incredible genius things cause his genius but he didn’t know much about flying an airplane, you know, I was like skydiving and he relied to a pilot to do his job, shit the fan, and you know,  and I was just like worried about you know, mostly I just didn’t want him to fuck my plane up, I’m sure he’d blow the buttons on his way and I’m just like, just the whole situation, I don’t want him to do it man, I don’t like the social media, I don’t even want that attention, it’s like, you know, it’s like in that way , you know , I was like I don’t really fucking want toa risk my own, you know, I was a dick, I should just done it for him he still be alive. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up like that but it’s like, fuck man, he found a 60 year old pilot somewhere, I can’t do anything right and I wasn’t there and he put more people in the plane than he should have. Just like so many things wrong with what he was doing just like and I was a dick of a friend when it comes to like being there for him. In that last time, I tried my best, I begged him not to do it, you know, that was in my mind. I was just stressed, really trying to keep him, oh it was like he shouldn’t be, like concentrate on the shit that you’re really, really good at. It’s like, you’re good at this, isn’t worth it dude? I was like, I have a lot of close calls man, you know, I’m trying to tell you this but he is , that’s how he live his life, there’s no way you can tell him what to do something,  he wanted that so bad, you know, he wanted it so bad. I should have seen that norm as a friend, at least supported him somehow instead and I was just like, “that’s ridiculous man, I don’t want anything to do with it, you know”, I don’t want the situation. Looking back, imagining what if I know Apollo’s there and he died way were, its either way it sucks. But I’d feel more responsible if I was actually there when it happened. Either way, it’s like, I gave him the bug, I took him skydiving for his first time, I bought an airplane and I showed him what you can do with it, I’ve walked on the wing, you know, to not feel responsible in some ways that would be impossible for me. It kills me; he’s my best fucking friend. He taught me so many things, you know, his like taught me how to live my life, I owe him everything you know, that’s life, that’s fucking life you know. I never proved right more my life but my boy, you know, just like I told him man and it just kills me that’s the way it’s fucking me down.


Andrea: But I’m thinking those things like you know, he had his thing and all you could do is love him. You know, like it’s…


Rory: Totally. All I could do is love him be so inspired by the way he did, he’s like, you know, Bush, fuck that, I’ll find my own pilot, I’ll do it myself and he probably was like, fucking fractional away from actually doing that, he was like you know, it’s what he always did, I can count the times that he should gone on my fingers and it goes like over I cannot count it on my fingers, that’s what I mean. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been with, was like, that was a really close call, I actually was looking back, was really lucky to made it through that, you know, and he had huge fucking balls, he’d talk, “Rory in every single song and all, it must have been true, and he did he was crazy, he had no fear when it came to like, when his getting a shot, he’s like, he’d get it, he scouted the best he could, but when it was his turn to throw down, just like there was no holding back ever from Phil like he was either going to fuck and break himself into a million pieces or get his shit what he could, he never gave up. And now, there’s a lot ways he ski, shattered his heel, broke his back cause he was such a, he has huge balls, he just goes so ham yeah that’s the way he lived his life, beautiful man, learned so much from that guy, positive guy ever, wish we still have him.


Andrea: Yeah. That’s the heaviest. Yeah.


Rory: Such as life though, you know, Sarah is so bad ass too, she is out doing her thing, just like Phil was, if you could die a lot of ways, we’re all going to die. Sarah and Phil died doing awesome and my mind it died doing awesome shit. You know, preventable both but if you look at it, how was it prevented you know, I was like, life is life and it is what it is and crazy shit happens all the time. We just have to realize that and live your life better, you know. Do the things that you aspire to do and things that are there for you cause you don’t have that long and maybe if you don’t die tomorrow, your home boy might and then you don’t get to show him the things that you know, do it. If you got a home boy that’s waiting this is like, and meaning to link up with, sitting at home smoking weed it’s like, go hook up with them, you know, it’s like so important to link with your friends and spend those times, it’s important to take time for yourself too but it’s really important like I’m so glad I link with Phil the last time I saw him I was hurting, the night of circus, the night before, I was bruised everywhere and bleeding out of my hip after a slide out from like landing of most ski brakes, after like, anyways, I was like, wanted to go and get a massage just like down near, had to go close to Richmond, was like I have to achieve massage but was like, I drove by Phil’s he had an apartment downtown Vancouver and I was like, “Fuck it man Im not going to get a massage I’m going to hang out with my boy Phil, how stupid am I” , and I’m so glad I made that decision cause I did and we went up and we did a photoshoot on his rooftop apartment. We were like, kicking ass it’s so good to see him, I did leave way too soon but the police got call on us and the police were coming to the place and basically I don’t need any more of that, it was the third time the police call on me so I was like out of there, I just got out of there and that was the last time I saw Phil. Well, that’s kind of cool, the last time I saw Phil, I had to flee because had someone call the cops on us, he never let the, you know, as soon as Phil and I got together again, we lose cannon, first thing we did when we got together, we took all the beds out of the apartment and put them on the balcony, then started jumping off the like rooftop thing out into the balcony and get the shot over the city.


Andrea: Crazy!


Rory: That was like the first thing we did when we saw each other. He brought those ideas out on me and I brought it on him.


Andrea: Yeah just pushing it or like just next level, I don’t know, free thing like yeah, just blowing it if you got it.


Rory: Just blowing it if you got it, I guess. Just doing what you can with what you have, we’re gonna sit there and have like a couple of drinks there and like talk, well we can talk and jump off this and like, that’s what Phil and I do. Phil’s main slogan is Let’s do something” and then after we did he’s like, better than nothing. So I always make a blow and dunk unto him one Christmas.


Andrea: Better than nothing.


Rory: I just pulled his shirt and like better than nothing, let’s do something, I liked it,  you’d be like Phil, I don’t know that one shot near that video, you’ll be like grabbing that chick pussier like doing this like, I don’t know bro but it seems like a little bit of too much like maybe that one shot of her like, and he was, I liked it, I literally, so few times I gave him advise like in a music video or shot and he’d say anything other than “I liked it, I know you do Phil. That’s why I’m saying it nice, that he was such an artist.


Andrea: It’s hard in that industry to, sure like it’s, it’s like…


Rory: For sure, who am I to give him any critique like I don’t know. But this is like our whole life you know, I’m talking about 15 years to go and he’s like making a little movies like broke, and pull that and he wants to pull that shot, I like it, to like the last week we hang out he post a film of me falling off the roof, I was like, “take that down” but he was like, “I like it”, fuck man!


Andrea: In Instagram?


Rory: No. It’s in fb story so probably it disappeared after 24hours.


Andrea: Yeah. Oh my goodness, he’s a freaking legend.


Rory: He really is.


Andrea: Yeah, but such a big heart too.


Rory: Huge heart, the biggest. He’d always have time to like, somebody called him and was like, man feeling a bit down, wanna talk? and Phil is like he puts down, all shit always important shit like he always, always have time for his friends, even they were not his friends. Phil would have time to like a guy he met on the street, they like needed help at the bus stop and he was like talking to the guy at the bus stop and getting his number and then talk to him on the phone for weeks and like Phil and I met some guy in Geneva and he gave our phone number, this is when we were so young we were jumping off a bridge in Geneva just the two of us filming each other, we almost died that day. We almost jumped off this bridge certainly killed us 100%, it was way too big and I had gone back we were so young we didn’t know any better, we were really close, we scouted through the rocks, I was like, I came really close to hanging that thing. Anyway, we met, in this process we met this old Nigerian, because this guy is from Nigeria, he was like, “My son loves Canada, you guys are from Canada? He’s like, Wonderful. He’s like, I’m going to give you guys my son’s number. Until this day like Phil last couple of days, Phil was talking to Emmanuel, and I still talk to Emmanuel. Crazy!

I got a calling that anyone letting them know I wonder if he knows that, has been involved hasn’t talked to like couple of months. Yeah he has been our pen pal, we have a Nigerian pen pal, that’s been like, we’ve been like, and we know that he just wants to like, he want to come to Canada, he wants us to give him money, he’s Nigerian but he is also the nicest guy ever and both of , Phil more than me, we’ve talked to this guy for the last like, fuck, like he was 19 years old, we’ve been talking to him like 15, 16 years, I’ve talked to him like every couple of months for like long calls. He calls and I know, he does it to me, so I know he does it to Phil too and I bet he and Phil had like, I cut Emmanuel off like after a little while like my family, I’m like ok man, I gotta, I know I love talking to you dude but even to my mom I didn’t have much time you know and I’m not sure the next time you’re actually gonna come to Canada. So, anyways, I love you dude, but I know Phil would be the, Phil talk to Emmanuel man for 4 fucking hours or about like. I don’t know what they talked about, all sorts of stuff, he wanted to be a doctor, and he does. He’s trying to be a doctor, he went to China for like, I never met him, but I think Phil did when he went to China, he took the time and went and saw Emmanuel and met him. And might have almost, he might, hmmm, that was a long time ago. Phil went to China on some trip on his girl’s time and he ended up stopping in Beijing and I think he went saw Emmanuel, of course he did. Weird, he is such a very good networker. And he could talk on the phone for hours and hours just like help his people and listen, you know he would be like, he just listen to you.


Andrea: I think for a long time he was trying to figure out how he like, pull it all off.


Rory: Man, exactly! How does he pull it all off? I never even figured it out. He had the hottest chicks always at his music shoots like 15 of them like the hottest models from some agencies like not paying any of them and they are working ‘til like, I went to one of his shoots, these girls are like working ‘til 4 in the morning like. He made them redo, she seems like 25 times like you need to do this, just do this turn a little bit earlier, and then like he’s gonna, “get out of the car”, and this girls are like so down, and they know, and Phil is completely honest like he’d bring these girls in and like “I’m not gonna pay you later be like I’m not paying you, I hope you understand that, this is how it works, blah blah blah, I’m the man, you’re gonna work here, you’re gonna get your couple of shots on my next music video, you’re gonna like, that’s gonna help you in your career”,  fuck yeah Phil, your dope, and that’s how we go.


Andrea: Yeah, that is awesome charismatic even like in your wedding though he was like just helpful.


Rory: Incredible, charismatic, helpful, the nicest like nicest just the nicest guy ever, yeah I know.


Andrea: I picture him like ironing.


Rory: Such a beauty, I know, he’s the best.


Andrea: I think too after like seeing people like chronically ill in that way that they die, just , after seeing all that, I think you’re lucky if you got to go the way doing what you love.


Rory: Never see a hospital, you know, are you kidding me, Phil saw enough of hospital beds in his life, and so did Sarah. You know what I’m saying; they both spend enough fucking time in the hospital like certain things like surgeries like so many things.


(Chanting) “In the hospital there’s worm well known, that’s why there’s seven screws on my metal collar bone.”


Andrea: Awesome.


Rory: So good.


Andrea: We should make like a book.


Rory: They call me Frankenstein Jr the way Im so scarred up, fucked up the brain fucked hell yeah. You don’t like my style, look my genitalia, so good.


Andrea: Big balls, that’s awesome.


Rory: I going get his rhyme so I can spit the whole thing. I don’t have the best memory but it’s calling me and I was like listening to it for 15 solid years, you think I have it more down than that?


Andrea: No. Let’s say present, it comes in, it comes out.


Rory: Comes in, it comes out, but when I can hear it I know every word that’s coming.


Andrea: Have you ever read Two Packs Book? It’s like comes like things like,


Rory: Not but I guarantee Phi had read it, he is a huge huge fan.


Andrea: What is it called? Is it the rose through the concrete or something like something in the crack or. You should make a book of Phi.


Rory: I know, I’m going to, yeah, a Phi Book. Oh yeah, if Rory, a book oh yeah, I think our best friend Biolo, thank God we have this guy. Who did, oh I think I got the call when Phi passed away, I got the call from a friend of mine who was hanging out with Phi. And who did I call you know? I didn’t call his dad, I didn’t call his mom like I don’t know who to call and I called Biolo, thank God I have that guy, Thank God Phi and I had him and he just stepped up like a rock and we were just like, you know, I was like, I didn’t know what to do, I was so fucking sad and he is just like immediately like mourn for like 4 seconds, and he was like, This is all we gonna do, how about me chewing Colona tomorrow morning and I was like Colona tomorrow? and I was like Ok bro, ok. And we did. We were there in Colona for 6days. Looking like, basically putting up Phil’s media, that’s why Phi media was so huge and not like shitty because he was getting tons of shitty comments, tons of like hateful shits on his, and like we came for the press releases and got them out as soon as we could and we made our post early enough just like, be in be or just like I don’t want to fucking writing down in the internet you know but we had to. Cause like we knew this is what the news, like there will be the ones will be there the one will put our pages and read that and then they’re gonna, and then we will gonna direct them to a google doc that’s gonna give them all the information of how he died so  that they can give a story that’s not fucking bullshit, you know and we did that and it made that so like CNN, BBC News, he was on China headlines like worldwide, the list goes on for like, he was on XXL, he was on, the only one that he didn’t get on was World Star and that‘s like Phi’s greatest goal to get on World Star, he wanted to be featured on World Star and I swear that’s why they did not probably featured him cause he had been hounding them so hard and he died and they are like, fuck man, we can’t give it to him now that he is dead, that like so hypocritical of us like, fuck, I don’t know how that work but I head up bunch of people that I knew had connection with World Star, like “c’mon you guys, you going to give my boy a story up there, like it’s for him and Biolo, we were just working together like got his body out and send it to Calgary with his dad and his brother picked came and him up and like we waited for like, just do the delivery and put up his social media story and hang out for an inn together and fuck man, it was the shittiest situation, it was. I was lucky I have those friends in LCP, Biolo and I were like there in a snap when that happened, I wish I was there days fucking earlier but it’s good like we were there man he just looked after so much like he just like a lawyer these days, like walks around in the ERPC just like Phi gets on the phone, he was just pacing just like walking, pacing everywhere, yelling at people and I was like, Are you hearing this people, like my god, you are  a lawyer, you sound exactly like a fucking extremely convincing lawyer. We were trying to relocate, trying to locate Phi’s footage from all his, Phi just passed away and he left his footage everywhere, this is Phi’s like.


Andrea Legacy


Rory: Live legacy. Exactly. We’re trying to locate it and get it to one place in safe hands before all these sorts of things are going on and people that Phi had been in relation with  , like everybody like Biolo and I are like literally just trying to convince, and we had like convince people like we’d never even me. The world’s best friends and this is what you going to do bro, he’s like “we are Phi’s people and this is what you going to do and I’m like trying to convince the guy that you never met before and Phi might have told him about us, I’m sure he had seen a video of us in old chip but he doesn’t know and how does he say over the phone to trust me and go, drop off Phi’s hard drive after working together for like the last 3 years and like drop him off with this guy that he’s never met too seen this guy and I was just like listening to Biolo on the phone, convincing this guy that this is what they’re gonna do, fucking shockingly like wow man!, he has been always convincing, he has been incredible these days.


Andrea: Yeah, well it’s pretty important too that you say your story before someone makes up their own, right?


Rory: That part too, yeah. In time we knew that was going to happen because this is crazy world like the first story came when I was a kid, sky diver dies while riding wing it was like this weird, all then, you going to make sure this guy knew what’s up.


Andrea: So what did you tell them or what?


Rory: We issued the press release of what exactly happened, basically to a certain extent with what we got of some of the footage, I fucking watch it and I know what happened and that’s basically what we said, it’s like pretty much exactly what happened. He hanged on too long, he did not freeze up, he didn’t like, we thought that he had frozen all the while that he hanged on that long. He hanged on that long cause he wanted to like, he thought like how he’s gonna recover and he’d stand up and say his rap lyrics and then get off the wing. That’s how much big balls Phi had and he’s like he hanged on that plane, dove straight to the ground and was like, I got this.


Andrea: And I think it’s when you hanged on and you get out of that shit, it’s like your pattern like, Ok, you know as long as I do that, then I’m fine.


Rory: Exactly and he had it and was complacent in the aviation like he didn’t know like he didn’t have enough time in an airplane, you know he got sick to his stomach every time I ever to go flying, Phi threw up so this is like Phi didn’t have the opportunity to understand an airplane, period. And that’s like how climbing on one, you should probably understand how it works, you know.


Andrea: Hmmm, Study the birds.


Rory: The birds.


Andrea: Oh wow, I’m so sorry Rory.


Rory: John James may you rest in peace. We believe in that, aye?


Andrea: Yeah, I took play that clip, I like that clip on your Instagram, of your story.


Rory: That’s awesome man. Go on keep reading on jumping on the bush while there’s like a billions but the one that I posted consider yourself on the Bush.


Andrea: Such as good man and that’s the thing on video where people just live on forever. I like Phi to connect to that.


Rory: That’s pretty cool, I know.


Andrea: Yeah, alright. Well thank you.



Well there you have it, Rory Bushfield, professional skier, pilot, philanthropist, businessman, wing walker, philosopher, friend and keeper of Dez. I’m gonna include links to Sarah’s foundation and John James’ foundation and Dex dog food and the show notes. But if you want to check it out, it is and and and actually I think we should all take that page out of the book of Rory. Sarah, John and CR and all the people that have left us too soon and then the words of John Phi live like every day so we can:


“Growing up I was always told who to be, what to do and I was always scolded for not being that and it made me like unsure and insecure and I acted up and I went crazy over and I want to give kids a message that’s it is a hundred percent cool to just be exactly who you are and master that and you don’t need everyone’s approval like you just going to feel good about yourself. When you find that inside of you that like, love out of like, your inline of something like your purpose, it’s like there’s no better feeling than that. I want people to find that.




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