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Abby Dell Cooper

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Abby's home in Whistler, BC

Abby Dell Cooper

The first thing I have to say about Abby Dell Cooper.. is that I didn’t really figure out her name until I was listening back to the podcast. Somehow I pluralized her middle name…My apologies Abby Dell Cooper.


Abby is a photographer, writer, media strategist, sponsored splitboarder and an all-around adventurer. Check out her Instagram @abbydells to see the broad scope of her work… but everything has an element of remoteness and adventure saturating the images. And the fact that she writes with great skill is the icing on top.


I didn’t ask her how old she is as I’ve been told that is a rude thing to ask…  but I feel like she has lived much more than most for her years on this plain. I’m not going to spoil anything in the podcast.. but she shares some big life events with us.


She is completely lawless in the way she has blended all of her passions into a dream job (a niche she created).


From Instagram she appears very nomadic and luckily for us she is based out of Whistler British Columbia… so this is a conversation we had at her house in Whistler in the spring of 2019.



. Enjoy the depths of Abby

  A very relevant and resilient woman of talent and introspection.

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