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Create direction and a unified branding plan that you can implement and maintain



At the end of this course you will be able to execute your vision into a business reality

( with confidence )

This Introduction to Business + Brand Development Course is tailored to teach someone with a small business or somebody wanting to start one, the necessary skills to achieve their business’s marketing and branding goals; position themselves in the marketplace; set them apart from competition; develop, capture [ photography ] and create traditional [ print ] and digital media [ web I social media ]; and hone the skills necessary to independently brand + maintain their businesses in today’s progressive and current marketplace.

Over 11 weeks we will learn different components of creating and sustaining a marketing + branding plan across both traditional and online media channels. The Internet and progressive social media have changed the face of the marketplace and these skills have become essential. We will use Adobe Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign,

Dreamweaver and Lightroom.

 11-Week Course - Introduction to Business and Brand Development Course will help you:

• Clearly define mission and vision statement.

• Become financially set to generate and maintain a financially sound business model

• Set + Reach targeted goals

• Stay Focused and Accountable

• Collaborate with other Course participants

• Develop a Brand

• Position you in the marketplace

• Set you apart from your competition

• Create content [ photography I film I blog ]

• Create and brand your business in

o traditional [ print ]

o digital media [ web I social media]

" Help you hone the skills necessary to independently brand, maintain and innovate your

business to remain progressive and current

By then end of this course participants should be able to:

1. Have a working understanding of logos as a .tiff .jpg .eps .ai and .pdf file and how to use them.

2. Make a Branded PDF file.

3. Organize + Edit + Export Photographs for Marketing Purposes.

4. Plan + Storyboard a Campaign across traditional and digital media.

5. Successfully brand and market a business through social media channels.

6. Create Traditional Media : Posters, Business Cards, Rack Cards etc.

7. Organize, Create and Maintain a Professional Well Branded Website.

8. Deploy and Maintain a Professional Well Branded Campaign.

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