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Learn Photoshop + Lightroom, the two most important programs for taking your business visions into reality.


At the end of this course you will be able to execute your vision into a business reality

( with confidence )

These two programs literally shaped my business (and this website).

This course has been structured to walk you through a process of learning these fundamental technical skills by escaping into your creative and imaginative mind.

Learn organizational structure, 

We start out with teaching you how to DREAM BIG and create a digital vision board.

The next step is a Mind Map allowing you to take those dreams and channel them into your business.

5-Week Course – Vision Quest Course will help you:

  • Organize your photos

  • Create workflow for photos

  • To be able to take photos from any source / device and be able to work with it

  • Create files in photoshop

  • Set up colour profiles

  • Set up screen documents

  • Keeping your photos organized

  • Being able to edit your photos (with colour filters)

  • Electronic vision board (that you create and then make it for web or print).

  • See yourself and organize your priorities

  • Pinterest boards

  • Resizing images // Compressing


By then end of this course participants should be able to:

• have an organized photography library

• edit photos in lightroom

• do colour correction on photos

• apply filters to photos to create a branded look across all photos

• export photos for any platform

• create documents for print or digital output

• be able to take photos from any source

• understand resolution and file sizes

• navigate layers in photoshop

• know how to use the stamp tool in photoshop

• learn text basics in photoshop

• learn how to add fonts to their computer

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