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Let's talk and start discovering the easiest path to you.

PASSIONS turn into PROJECTS that turn into PRODUCTS that turn into BUSINESS

( and that’s just business. my kind of business )

Starting a business can be overwhelming and I get it. I’ve been there.


Business can also take away some of your passion and creativity.

And that’s where I come in.


As a serial Entrepreneur I have so much experience with dreams and ideas and possibility that I’ve designed these discover sessions to nurture your idea and help you see what is possible.


I help you gain a leg up and provide detailed steps to set your business up so you can focus on the good stuff.

Believe me, I struggled through it all to find my way.


Often your perception of road blocks are my areas of expertise and I like to go through it all with you to create the path of least resistance with the most support.


I have created a lot of systems that I use in my business and I love to share my knowledge with you because… well I want you to be able to focus on the DREAM part, the PASSION and keep the fires burning.

With a Discovery Session we meet for three hours to map out you, your ideas, your dreams and your concepts. We identify your strengths, your purpose, mission and the necessary steps needed to get you open for business and bringing in the dollar bills.


Because my expertise lies in marketing we do a full brain dump of all your ideas and dreams, we talk names, imagery, symbols and messaging in that realm.


One week after our session you are presented with a full transcription and a complete ACTION plan of your business breaking down the steps to launch your business. Included is your mission, a website wireframe, possible collaborations and an outline of ideas, products and strategies that would compliment you and your business.


Because we are all different people I like to create action plans for you as an INDIVIDUAL looking to make your way in the business world.


We’ll provide you with a thorough estimate for production and development, as well as a timeline.

A discovery session allows you to see what is possible and then have a road map to get there with.

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