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A Re-Brand is always an opportunity for growth on all levels of your business.

( profits + satisfaction )

In the early stages of business we create our businesses and brands based on what we think people will value (and what we can afford).

It is highly theoretical and often we operate from a place or feeling of scarcity and it is this mindset that has a negative ripple down effect on our business.

But, after a few years of building a business and our confidence, we start to know our customers and really hone in on what we are providing. We find our footing and we find our voice.


And armed with this knowledge we can reposition and refine our systems and marketing to speak directly to our ideal clients.


Let's look at your business as a whole and see where you started from, where you've gotten to and where you are ready to take it to.

I like to see results in your bottom line with increased value for the customer experience.

My job in a re-discovery session is a full audit of your business and look at your goals and pump some energy and inspiration into your business.



We don't always need to rebuild it from scratch.


There are so many micro-adjustments that you can make to you existing brand and logo to make it relevant and accessible.

In every logo re-creation we look at all of the nuances The idea is to preserve a similar feeling or design elements to an established brand, but update design elements.

Do you wear your jeans from twenty years ago?

( probably not )



I had a client recently share with me that after six months of the rebrand we did her customers had dropped in numbers and her profits had risen by $30,000. Through the visual marketing we developed she was able to speak directly to her clients and showcase her work easily and position her preferred higher end work in a way that did it's justice.


By creating systems and sequencing to her client onboarding process she didn't have to feel like she was constantly selling herself.


She began attracting her ideal clients, who valued  her work, trusted her and wanted her to be creative and push her artistic boundaries.

Does it get any more fulfilling then that? 


(not for me).



"After being in business for over 12 years …sometimes it is hard to see the necessary changes to evolve.

I sought out Andrea’s help to improve our website and enable our clients to online shop.  She called me and interviewed about why I love designing with flowers and what parts I love best about my business, what makes my work matter….Hmmmm ..things I don’t often ponder.

From these findings she created a fresh new brand for us, finally enabling our clients to finally see a portfolio and products online. She provided tips for our social media, and how to best capture images. 

She did an on site visit, captured photos of our designs, products, work environment and head shots.  This all translates perfectly to our online presence…and has added much more to our brand and business that I would have never accomplished..she truly looked into all aspects of our brand and tweaked our look so that everything flows.

She kept me focused and trained us on how we can edit and make simple changes and additions ourselves to our site and trained us to use proper design software.  She also introduced us to new event software and created a welcome pack for on boarding all new inquiries….life changing!!!  

In the last year I have never heard so many compliments about how beautiful our website is and how professional our brand is represented.  It is now a breeze to show clients our style ..but we most often hear …wow you do amazing work, your website is beautiful…just create something gorgeous, I trust you.

I spent years procrastinating about making changes..always thinking I would have time to do it myself. Honestly this is the best money I ever spent, I saw changes I had dreamed of happen in just a few weeks..and our Brand has become something I am now excited about!

Darlene Rupke / Seasons Floral Studio

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