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Delve into the Business world of Evaluating, Assessing + Action Planning.


Let's look at the numbers and set some goals to scale your business to new heights.

( with confidence )

 This course is geared towards business owners that want to evaluate their business’s success and create strategic plans for it’s future.

Business owners can take their data to help make educated strategic planning for the future. This 12-week course will evaluate your current business’s position and will guide you on how to direct your focused energies to become more efficient and effective with your resources.

At the end of this course you will have evaluated your business, created a SWOT analysis and created 6-month, 1-year and 5-year plan to achieve your goals for your business’s future.


Did you know that only 44 per cent of businesses survive the first five years?

Learn how to survive and thrive!

12-Week Course – Small Business SWOT Course will help you:

- Learn how to evaluate, compile results, interpret results and measure the success of a


- Create surveys, compile answers and create action plans

- Evaluate a business’s success across all platforms

o Value

o Product/service

o Customer service

o Margins

o Interactions/impressions

- Social Media Success

o Optimal times for posting

o Hashtagging/linking

o Creating impressions and interactivity

- Goal Setting

o 6 month, 1-year and 5-year

- Competitive Analysis

- Make a SWOT analysis

- Learn the importance of a SWOT analysis

- Create Action Plans to capitalize on all of the findings of this course

- Measure success of this course and the efforts of a SWOT


By then end of this course participants should be able to:

• Be able to create a SWOT analysis for a business

• Be able to make business decisions focused on numbers and financials

• Create and implement additional value chains between company and customer/client

• Increase perceived value with clients/customers

• Measure the success of marketing initiatives

• Increase and measure a business’s online website

• Increase and measure the engagement between clients/customers on social media

• Become accountable and Goal driven

• Create effective action plans

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