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Billy // Amalia Pelchat

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At Billy's house in Whistler, BC

Billy // Amalia Pelchat

BILLY // AMALIA PELCHAT. @billy_pelchat I loved her before I met her. And I fell even deeper after our conversation. She is twelve years old. But, I didn’t realize her age when I asked her to do the podcast. I was surprised to learn that she was only 12… and I think you will be too.

The reason I asked her was because she was popping up in my feed as an inspirational / motivating force for many girls to get on their skateboards (from the age of four to forty++).

Because Billy and her sister Juliette @jubespelchat (future guest) have been hosting girls skate jams in Whistler all summer and they’ve been catching on like wild fire. I think every friend I have with a daughter has had their daughters in it and they are all SOOOO PUMPED.  And I think it’s the future we all want -- Girls supporting girls and pushing each other to be better and follow their passion @realwildkittens .

And when you meet her parents you realize why Billy is such a lovely human and her interests go far beyond boarding. Her Dad is one of the OG Wild Cats // @wildcatsog and the man behind @nowbindings and her mom @kristyla is a talented and driven physio.

Billy is the next gen, born and bred in Whistler. She is a young lady who is gracious, focused, kind, goal driven, positive, passionate and all around inspirational human. Plus she is very good at simplifying and explaining complex things like tik tok and lava cakes. And I’m sure this all comes together and what makes her a great coach and role model for all of us. #belikebilly // she taught me a few things and motivated me to apply a few more goals to my existence. Keep driving us further.

Enjoy –

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